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Pain in the head
Anon_183567 posted:
This morning I woke up with a pain in the head. It is the Left side of my head, just below the ear lobe as the head moves toward the neck. The pain is part of the head NOT neck and certainly not a muscle strain in the neck. I woke up at 6:30am today and it felt as if someone hit me in the head in the middle of the night and now there is a bruise. I normally sleep on my back but this morning I was on my right side. Again, the issue is not a pulled muscle in the neck from sleeping wrong, the pain is in the back of my head, but on the side. I took 1 regular strength Aspirin (OTC) this morning, but the pain/ pressure is still there. Its not an excruciating pain but its noticeable. I am able to move my head with no problems, no issues with the neck either. Any suggestions?
davedsel responded:
The Terms Of Service that govern all WebMD communities that you agreed to when registering does not allow any of us to diagnose or give medical advice.

The only suggestion any of us in the on-line community could give would be to contact your doctor.
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An_249441 responded:
We are allowed to generally talk about things as this is a medical discussion board.

So your pain doesn't sound like it's very bad. On a scale from1-10, 10 being worst, where would you put it? I'm guessing if you only took one plain aspirin that it isn't too bad.

Perhaps you just slept in an odd position and caused a bruise or tender spot by laying with your head on your arm in an unusual way. Maybe give it a day or two more and see if it gets better.

However, if there is a sudden increase in pain, please don't hesitate to get yourself to a doctor.

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