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Chronic pain/ Depression/ Arthritis/ HPylori/ You Name It
KThompson1969 posted:
My Fiance' has had many accidents in his life as with different things that show up like H-pylori and unfortunate things that happened like Hep-C from a blood transfusion (took treatment for that, doesn't show on tests any more) and I feel so bad for him because I have tried to encourage his doctors to help fix the problems he is having instead of just putting a band aid on it.
With his chronic pain he has been given different pain medication which he has been taking stronger and stronger since 1976 when he fell into a 27 foot hole that caved in under him. Now at age 55 he is in constant pain and the pain medication doesn't help hardly at all. The only way he can get any relief is to almost overdose himself. I control his medications, no worries. Is there any information that can be given to help this guy? I even thought about contacting the Laser Spine Institute. The closest to us is in AZ.
davedsel responded:

You don't say what type of doctors your fiance has seen. If he has pain due to spinal injuries, he should be seeing an orthopedic specialist or a neurologist. Has he seen a pain management specialist that is a physiatrist? This type of specialist offers a variety of treatments.

There are many sites on the internet that give good information on chronic pain and all the conditions you mention in your post. Do some searches and you will find these sites.

Sometimes problems can not be fixed, but we need to learn how to manage them. That is where a pain management specialist would be helpful.

I pray your and your fiance find the answers and relief you need.
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