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    dr dismisses me. what do I do now?
    Brandonbays1984 posted:
    I got an mri in april this year which showed two fused vertebrae and a herniated disc. Every time I bring it up to my dr he dismisses me by saying the mri was read wrong even though two other drs confirmed it.I went to physical therapy for 3 months and the dr wont authorize anymore. The only thing I get for pain is tramadol 37.5mg which limits the tylenol I can take for my migraines I get. I have tried being assertive with him but only get shot down.i cant switch drs until jan 2014 b/c of insurance. PLEASE HELP! What do I do now?
    davedsel responded:

    Does your health insurance require referrals from your primary to see a specialist? If it does, then you need to implore your primary doctor to refer you to a spine specialist such as an orthopedist or neurologist. If no referral is required, then find one and make an appointment.

    IMHO, you do need to change primary doctors and I hope you can find one that will help you in 2014.
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    David Maine, MD replied to davedsel's response:
    Thank you for your post. You should be able to see a specialist at any point (you may need a referral pending insurance). I would ask your doctor about seeing a specialist (perhaps pain or spine). It can be very frustrating when concerns are not validated and hopefully you will find answers, compassion, and effective treatment options in the future. Good luck.
    annette030 responded:
    Please remember that the radiologists who read your MRI never see you at all, and do not know you at all. I would ask to be referred to a specialist, take your MRI with you, and see what he says after examining you. You need both an MRI and a physical exam and a history to get any real answers.

    Take care, Annette
    blessedladyptl responded:
    Brandonbays1984 ,

    Have you seen the MRI report(s) ? I agree you need to change doctors. But, I also think you need to get a copy of your medical records to see what is in them. It would also help to know what you might be facing from the stand point of what your doctor has written in them.

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