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Sudden flu like symptoms.
Anon_431 posted:
Every few months it seems like, I get intense flu like symptoms for no reason. I have horrible body aches, especially in my spine, horrible headache and neck ache, no appetite, and these only last 24-48 hours every time it happens. The first few times, they just said it was the flu even if the test was negative, one time they mentioned with the intense spine pain and stiff neck, that they wanted me to come in for a spinal tap for meningitis, but it went away the next day so I didn't go in for the tap (it scared the crap out of me as well!). I am so miserable and I have no answers or relief! I am 21 weeks pregnant right now so the only thing I can do is take Tylenol, and it won't even touch the pain. I had a hint a while ago that lupus has similar symptoms, but I have no skin rash, unless you count occasional acne! I just want to know if anyone else experiences this and what answers you all might have!
Peter Abaci, MD responded:
I think it is important that you follow up with your obstetrician and internist about your condition. Certainly, there is a lot of discomfort that can be experienced during a pregnancy, including back pain, but what you are describing may suggest a need for more testing.

For example, pregnant women are especially susceptible to an infection from listeria, which is a bacteria found in water and in soil that often occurs from eating contaminated foods. Listeria infections can cause flu-like symptoms, muscle aches, and a stiff neck, much like you have described, and it is treated with antibiotics. Listeriosis is diagnosed with a blood test. I suggest you follow up with your doctors right away to discuss testing for this and other possible infections.

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