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Thinking stimulator?
justjohntoo posted:
I'll spare you my life/pain story. I will tell you that a stimulator is not appropriate for anything except nerve pain syndromes. Had one put in. several docs who saw me since said it's a waste of time/money unless you have some unresolvable nerve pain issue. I wish someone would have told me $90,000 sooner. (yes I did pay THAT much when all was said and done)
chrisjb7 responded:
Why do several doctors tell me that a neurostimulator is my only option really at my age for chronic back pain?

If an external tens unit helps the pain, shouldn't an internal one? Please help me with this!
ctbeth replied to chrisjb7's response:
I have only a minute right now, but I'll be back later.

I have had a spinal cord stimulator fro the past five years.

It has saved my functional life.

You can do some internet research on neuromodulation or spinal cord stimulator.

Mine is made by St Jude's Medical.

Your MD can also get you in contact with a company representative who can give you good and accurate FACTUAL information.

If you'd like to talk to me further, you can email:
ctbeth responded:
well it has been a life save in my situation, so now we're 50-50 in the whether it works scenario.

did you have a trial?

if there are 1000 people whom it helps and 1000 whom it does not, it still means nothing to someone who is considering this modality.

I'd suggest, to readers of justjohntoo's narrative, to thouroughly discuss your treatment options with your MD before making a decision based upon what he, or I, post on an internet support community.

Good luck to you, justjiohntoo.


Just CTBeth Too
ctbeth replied to chrisjb7's response:
PS to Chris,

Perhaps you could ask "several doctors":

"why they tell me that a neurostimulator is my only option really at your age for chronic pain"

The MDs who know your history would be better able to give you an accurate answer.

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