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NJ or PA pain mgmt drs
wendy2231 posted:
Hello everyone, I am not new to this forum, just been a while since posted. I am in chronic pain, have been for 10 years now. I live in South Florida and I LOVE my Ortho Surgeon/PM dr. The problem is, I think we will be moving to Southeast PA (Philly) or south Jersey in the next few months. Hubby has a job waiting. I am extremely concerned that I will not be able to find a dr. that is willing to prescribe me what I am currently taking. I take 8mg Dilauded (only because they basically discontinued the Oxycodone 30mg b/c of junkies) 5x/day for breakthru and for ER, I take Morphine Sulfate 60 mg 3x/day. Also Soma 4x day. I am concerned about the laws up there. And about the right way of finding a good, reputable dr. Is there anyone who can help me or who has knowledge of this?

I would greatly appreciate any info you can give me. I also work full-time, have insurance and have a beautiful 6 year old so it's not like I am sitting at home doing nothing. The medicine helps me so much with my daily activities. Any suggestions would be grateful. God Bless. Thanks for listening.

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