Wrist pain, wrist gives out, cracks, sensitive to touch
An_253244 posted:
I am 24yr old female and my left wrist has pretty much been in constant pain for the past 4-5 years with a few days here and there where there is no pain. When pressure is applied by pushing an object or door it shoots pain up my arm and gives out. Within the past few months anytime I rotate my writs it cracks at least 6 times each rotation. The cracking never stops. When it cracks it is relief for a few seconds then the pain resumes. I use to be able to wear a wrist brace and it would help with the pain but now wearing it is uncomfortable and causes more pain.when i touch my wrist the very center at the base of my hand leading to my wrist is very sensitive. just a slight touch sends pain throughout my wrist. Within the past few days my right wrist has started to hurt also, but with the right one it hurts when I bend my wrist forward.