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RE: Have Chronic Pain and just had a TIA - (mini-sroke)
meaningfulc1952 posted:
Hi to all of you,
About 2 weeks ago I had a real life changing moment. My friend came over and I was walking like I was drunk. I do not drink any alcohol ever. My pain meds do not make me walk that way either.

I asked her to take me to the closest hospital and later was admitted. After all of the first tests, I was told that I had a TIA (Transient Ischemic
Attack) They could not do an MRI because of the metal in my jaw implants. They ordered many CT scans with and w/out contrast and
they got the diagnosis from the tests.

This mini-stroke has affected my memory and I still walk very strange. I have a cane and a walker from when my husband had knee replacements so if I really need some help I can use them.

You all take care,
davedsel responded:

I am sorry you have had this horrible experience. I will be praying that your doctors can help you to fully recover soon.
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meaningfulc1952 replied to davedsel's response:
Hi davedsel,
Thanks for your message. I did read your entire story about all of the things that you dealing with and I am so sorry that you have so many things going on.

I do not understand why you can't take a prescription medicine for your pain. Please explain as to why you can't so I can understand better.

You are so right that with having faith and trying to live with what you have is a very helpful thing. It sounds as if you are in
real agoning (sp?). I have seen you on here many times but did not read your story until now.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You have way too much going on don't you?

You try to hang in there and now I know what you are having to live with I really understand your ordeal. I do not know how you can possibly tolerate the pain that you have without a stronger medicine.
God Bless,
davedsel replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
I am allergic to any prescription pain medication that I have tried - hydrocodone, darvocette, even morphine. I am also allergic to acetaminophen. I break out in severe hives after a few doses.

My faith and family do help, but so does a positive attitude. I focus on what I am still able to do and am enjoying an early retirement even though it was forced by disability. Perhaps I am just a cockeyed optimist, but I much prefer to dwell on the positive and rise about my pain and frustration as best as possible. Of course, I have emotional times with feelings of despair and inadequacies, but I work to get past that as quickly as possible.

I pray you find answers and relief soon.
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