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Now the Updated news that Walgreens is doing
Anon_27116 posted:
Hi to everyone here,
Just last week my husband took my prescription to the Walgreens that we have been going to for a very long time. The pharmacist told my husband that he could and would not fill it until they had my driver's license before they fill the prescription and it is for Methadone.

I do not know if other pharmacies like CVS and other ones have this
rule, but I was very surprised to learn this new info. You can be sure that very soon I am going to change to another pharmacy unless they all require this "new rule" that Walgreens has.

I had read somewhere that Walgreens had been sued for about 80 million dollars. I think that I will do some searching on my computer and see if this is just that store or all of the others are having to the same thing.

What a crock of bull if you ask me!

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_swank_ responded:
What is wrong with asking for an ID before giving someone a controlled substance? Doesn't sound unreasonable to me. My pharmacy did that until they got to know me. Now they only ask for my birth date which is required in my state. If someone stole my prescription I would hope the pharmacy would ask for ID before they filled it for someone else.
davedsel responded:
CVS is much strickter. They require a signature for each prescription medication every time you pick it up no matter what it is. They require a driver's license for identification verification in the beginning.

IMHO, I love Walgreens. We have been with them for decades. Had to change to CVS for 2 years because of our prescription drug plan, but as soon as that changed we ran back to Walgreens.

To be honest, I think your concerns are completely unfounded and you are overreacting.
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blessedladyptl responded:
Walgreens was fined $80 million in civil penalties under the Controlled Substances Act for illegal activity. The link to that info is below.

Presenting your ID and/having it on file at a drug store when you get a controlled substance filled in the norm, even if someone else picks it up. Does your husband have to show his ID and/or sign for the rx ?

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