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question about narcotic scripts
jrsmeme2013 posted:
I filled a narcotic script 8 days ago its not working so my dr wrote me a different narcotic medication. I got the 1st at walmart pharmacy. the 2nd I went to kroger it was closer. The pharmascist told me it was too early because of the 1st at walmart. I don't have insurance. How did she know this, and to do all pharmacist check this before filling a narcotic perscription???
blessedladyptl responded:
Almost every state has a Prescription Monitoring Program. When you get a rx filled for a controlled substance the info goes into a database that can be accessed by Pharmacists and Physicians, etc. The info is your name, age, address, the name of the rx, the number of tablets,how it is prescribed, the number of refills, how long the rx should last you.

If the rx was for a different med, you should have been able to get it. And if you don't have insurance then there wouldn't have been a problem involving that. You need to talk to the Head Pharmacist/Pharmacy Manager and/or your dr.
nodisc replied to blessedladyptl's response:
And it's that same PMP that she ran your name through, and saw that you had one filled 8 days ago, probably prompting her to make that decision on her own, and not taking anything into consideration, and as far as I'm concerned she turned into judge, jury, and so forth. Like the post above states, you should have been able to get that filled. I didn't have much success with chain pharms, I recently switched over to a mom and pop pharm, they're much more personable, but thats my case, yours is probably different.

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