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Been on them for yrs and not addicted
MJW6316 posted:
Wow Chris, what a hassle huh? I've dealt with chronic pain for over 8 yrs and I'd like to share some insight. I believe the key to safely taking opiates over a long period is moderation and discipline. When my pain strikes I force myself to ice it and wait at least an hour before popping a perc or two. In many cases the pain subsides enough in a hour to carry on. So, don't be anxious to pop a pill. Your tolerance will increase if you overdo it. Also, at your level of pain, the helpful effects of opiates will subside over time. After several years of daily pain of maybe a 5 with spikes of 8 level pain every so often. After several yrs. my Dr. put me on Methadone--which is more appropriate for the long-term pain. I hated it and it's really tough to get off them. My Dr. tried to wean me off them but it was still torcherous so I just went cold turkey. Those couple days were awfull. Then, my Dr. prescribed the Fentynl patch It works well and I still have something to take for breakthrough pain (I still use ice and wait an hour). The idea is NOT wanting to take pain killers and only doing so when it's absolutely necessary. I have also tried every alternative treatment I could find from research. Have you tried physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga, UV light treatment, Chiropractor, etc? How about injections? Herb? They're all pretty safe. Be careful of scams though. I also recommend meditation. There are some great books on mindfulness that are worth reading. Hang in there bud and I hope you find what works best for you.

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