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    Dr. Discharging patients she has on pain meds
    philglesfan2013 posted:
    my Dr.has been treating both myslef and wife for years,about 3 for me and wife 5.all of a sudden after i had asmall argument about always getting appointments canceleds with one of her staff i am told i am discharged and was given one reason on phone and another by letter and wife was given the same reason i was given on phone.I am still in need of pain meds she writes for me .until i see a nother Dr.,she has to continue the same scripts for 15 or 30 days. i was told 3 times by other dr, offices she has to.what is truth>??
    Tutt01 responded:
    Hello. I had a primary care doc the first two years after my fusion surgery - the same doc I'd had over 15 years. I called in a pain med refill to the same pharmacy I'd used for years and picked up the script after work. Two weeks later I received a certified letter from the doc discharging me as a patient and the letter alluded to some action I'd done to cause the discharge. I called the doc's office and finally a nurse blurted out "You filled your own prescription". I was horrified. I wouldn't do such a thing, didn't know how it could be done and wouldn't have done so even if I knew how. I drove to the pharmacy immediately in tears however the pharmacy could only say if they thought I'd been the one to refill my own prescription - they had a phone line for docs to call in refills verbally - they would've reported it and not refilled the script.

    I was devastated my doctor thought I was that kind of person because he'd been my doc over 16 years. I was released on Lortab and Durgesic patches with no insurance or other doctor. I went to 6-7 free clinics trying to get help and not one would help me. I ended up in the emergency room after I'd worn my last patch over five days (72 hr fentanyl patch) and the hospital wouldn't help me either. I wore that last patch almost two weeks and was in so much pain I wanted to die. I went to work every day because I had no choice and no money or medical coverage and my life was a nightmare of pain, depression and surprise people could be treated like that in this country for absolutely no reason.

    I finally ended up at a teaching hospital clinic and was treated and referred to pain management as a cash patient. I've been at the clinic almost nine years however the clinic is very strict and I go days without pain meds - I'm still on the same dosage I've on for the past 12 years - and treated like a criminal at the clinic. Dear God in Heaven this whole experience as a chronic pain patient is like a nightmare that doesn't end. If I miss an appointment - even after passing regular drug tests and re-schedule the apointment later - the clinic will not refill my meds until I show up for the appointment. The nurses at the clinic - especially the nurses responsible for refills - treat most patients like addicts although patients had no choice or say in their treatment or dependence on meds.

    My only wish is that some agency or board willt take notice of the way chronic pain patients are treated by pain management clinics and the obvious lack of real training most of those physicians have in pain management. Most pain management specialists are becoming more and more affected by the reported and growing abuse of non-patients because they primarily treat their own long-term patients like addicts and criminals - and that undeserved suspicion has severely impacted the way chronic patients are regarded and treated by their own doctors.

    Good luck to you and your wife.
    blessedladyptl responded:
    With pain meds, it just depends on the dr. Go to your states Medical Board site and see if they have anything about it. You should also check your state laws. If nothing is written into the laws, regulations or guidelines chances are you won't get the meds. If not giving you the meds could cause death that is one thing, but with chronic pain it's different. Also it will probably be very difficult for you and your wife to find a new dr who will rx the same meds because you were discharged.
    philglesfan2013 replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    we have a mind in fact i used to see him A former staff of the current works for the new dr. we r thinking of .i also grew up with this new dr. staff member who left the old dr. when the dr. husband joined and things have been going to hell there since .our freind who works for new dr. told us she is ethiccally and legally bound to continue current statusQuo for 15-30 days till i secure a new me i am willing to have meds adjusted cause its crazy.I was on you tube the other night and watched a video of this guy who was bragging how easy it is for addicts to gain meds thru the system.I was sicken but what i read and with all the crap going on its scary .so many patients who are good citizens and decent people r being vitimized by dr. and pharmacies now adays.luckly i even have found an old schhool pharmacists who wroks the mmidnight shift and he doesnt judge nor question my scripts cause he gets it.He knows i am for real and is always very helpfullwith any concerns i have.To bad more Pharmacicts are not like this professional.he is old school but goes by the bok .Plus his pharmacy is one of only a small handfull of pharmacies in my area that carry what i get .and maybe twice a year they have been out but only for a day or two due to ordering.good luck to all those who r getting railroaded by the system
    blessedladyptl replied to philglesfan2013's response:
    This forum and others are full of stories about being discharged/fired and not being given their regular pain meds. And if the dr doesn't want to give them you, it will take alot more than 15-30 days to make a complaint to the medical board and hear back from them. Ask your friend that is part of the staff where you can get a copy of this "law.".
    TDXSP08 replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    I go to a Pain Specialist who is a true exception to the "rule" she Graduated as a Neurologist but has specialized in Pain for 27 years. I was planning on changing Doctors because i travel a long distance to see Her,and had my last appointment with her when In June i Died was Resuscitated and they got me back but i went into a coma until early last month,of course i missed my appointment with the new Doctor ,so i called her and asked am i "without" a doctor to which i was told "i said i would never dump you of course not your MY PATIENT!!, whats your pain like?? I said volleyball between a brick wall and a city bus,so she made me an emergency appointment and got me in and destabilized on my meds immediately. I have been with her for 6 years and i don't care how long the days are to get to her (16 Hour) i'm not changing.SO there are a lot of crumbs out their but also some really GOOD Doctor's and it took me a year and a half without meds to find her after my doctor left town and took a better job and none of my other Doctor's at the time would prescribe Narcotics so i fired them- and replaced them all.
    i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
    blessedladyptl replied to TDXSP08's response:
    TDXSP08 ,

    I know you know how Blessed you are.
    77grace replied to Tutt01's response:
    Hi Tutt01,
    I amm so sorry to hear of your suffering too,there is so much of it including me !I have dhroni neck and back problems >I agree thatit is so wrong for the professionals to treat us that way but I kinds understand too!
    They see so much drug abuse and I believe normal people taking meds as prescribed but I bet they think more about the abusers and do not want any connection to them incase they get into to trouble !Do you know what I mean??
    Hang in there and I pray you all feel better soon 1
    Love 77gracie
    77grace replied to TDXSP08's response:
    Hi TDXSP08 ,
    You make a great point !When I find a Dr. that will listen and who I feel really understands my pain,and is willing to work with me because I Have a Very High tolerance because of many years of being on these pain meds! I would pay ,Drive or do whatever to keep that Dr. They are few and hard to find !
    Sometimes I might mess up my dose and take an extra pill,as long as I'm honest its seems to work out !
    Good luck ,Bless you ,77 grace
    annette030 replied to Tutt01's response:
    Your post was very confusing, what RX did the doctor write that you refilled? Do you have medical coverage, and opt not to use it, or are you not covered at all? Why do you currently go days without meds?

    I have not missed a Doctor's appt. in 50 years, I have not been on pain meds that whole time either, why would you miss an appt.?

    You say you have only been going to the clinic you currently go to for nine years, but you also state you have been on the same dose for 12 years. You said this in one sentence,do you see why I am confused.

    I have not experienced what you have with your doctors or your pain management care. I am out West, where are you located? Some differences in care can be blamed on geography.
    annette030 responded:
    Like the other poster said, check your state laws, or call your state medical licensing board. They will have the best information for you.

    Take care, Annette
    TDXSP08 replied to 77grace's response:
    My Doc gives me enough breakthrough meds to take eight pills a day if needed which is my "Maximum" for normal periods. But she knows there's days that i may only take 2 or 3 pills for the entire day but that is part of the plan ,I have control of my meds and when the excrement hits the oscillator and my pain is not being controlled i can double up my doses and take 16 pills a day if needed to wrestle my pain to the floor,because there is no "Maximum" on the Pain is so bad getting out of bed into my wheelchair is a hardship day,but i have never run out of meds and usually returned some unused during my 3 month Face to Face appointment.
    i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
    TDXSP08 replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    YES I DO

    I have gotten lucky twice,both times its been with female Doctors who believe that running the Pain Pyramid once is sufficient to know what class drugs the patient needs to be on.

    Male doctors just want to Torture you doing the damn thing over and over again.
    i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!

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