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    tennis elbow or tendinitis of the elbow.
    jszaradowski posted:
    Can someone can tell me what I have? I work for a local McDonald's. Lately while at work when asked to sweep &mop the front counter and grill area, I feel pain in the outside of my elbow. I mostly feel it when sweeping. Yesterday I also felt pain when I would carry the ice bucket in my right hand as I am right handed and feels weird to carry it in left hand.

    Should I go get this checked out? Who should I see, PCP? Currently no insurance or PCP. my job can't find out how to get me enrolled since I had it previously through the other McDonald's I worked at. Only go to quick care at my doctor's office so I see a different doctor each time I go there.
    davedsel responded:

    Yes, IMHO you should go to any doctor that is available to you. They can diagnose and treat your condition. You can not be diagnosed or treated over an internet message board.

    Do you remember being injured in some way at work and then these symptoms started? If so, you need to talk to your supervisor/manager to file a workmans compensation claim.

    I pray you can get treatment and relief soon.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    jszaradowski replied to davedsel's response:
    No I was not hurt at work, just occasionaly I feel pain in the outside of my elbow when either sweeping the floor really good or sometimes when carrying the ice bucket from the ice machine in the back to the front.
    An_246419 replied to jszaradowski's response:
    If your income is low and you are not covered, try going to public Aid for a medical card only. If you get it then the problem is finding a DR who will take you on, but seeing a doctor is first step. I think a GP will send you to orthopedic specialists? If you could get into see ortho directly it might save a step, but that could be hard? It reminds me of when I had tennis elbow, but it could be anything so you need to see a DR.
    water909 responded:
    First wait and see how it goes. The thing about tendon inflammation is that sometimes they go away.

    Or try out using Light Therapy. I am personally not sure what kind of specialist you should go see
    An_251837 replied to water909's response:
    Please explain "Light Therapy". Thank you.

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