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    Possible Pharmacy problem with Pain medication filling
    Jimtruer posted:
    I live in New York, and am currently being prescribed Tylenol with codeine #4, which is a controlled substance. I get a script once a month for 100 pills for my neck/back pain. It is prescribed by my family general physician. However I have recently had major dental work done. I have had to have teeth pulled and other work done. The Tylenol with codeine is strong, and works for my neck pain. However not for the painful tooth extractions. Am I allowed to fill a different controlled substance, for 20 pills of hydrocodone which is slightly stronger pain medication to treat my dental pain. I don't want anyone to raise red flags if I come in to the pharmacy and try and get hydrocodone from my dentist when I am already receiving Tylenol and codeine from my general physician. Is it legal for me to have two different prescriptions, one from my doctor and one for tooth pain from my dentist. I would prefer the hydrocodone for my teeth over the Tylenol with codeine. The Tylenol with codeine is not as strong and teeth are very painful. I know how fishy people get, mainly pharmacists that assume everyone is trying to pull one over and get more drugs. And they would say that the Tylenol with codeine is fine for pain. I also do not want to involve my dentist because he will probably refuse prescribing pain medication. And although he knows me, he may raise his own concerns or start to doubt that I want more pain medicine for pain. And that I just like pain meds. He may also say to himself " well if he is on tylonol with codein, how could his tooth be hurting"? when, true the codeine is a pain killer, it is not as pwerful as hydrocodone. But I am mainly concerned with whether I am breaking the law, by attempting to get another pain medicine from a different doctor(dentist). I have read threads and they may consider this a form of doctor shopping. I also don't want to try to bring the script my dentist writes for 20 hydrocodone in, only to have it held and then be under investigation. Then haveing the pharmacy call both doctors, therefore raising any problems, suspitions or thoughts about me. I may seem paranoid, but I know how doctors have gotten now a days, with so much perscscrition pain medicine abuse. I simply want a stronger pain medicine only for my teeth and still have the other codein medicine for my back pain. Any help on the matter would be appreciated. Thank you
    Anon_2912 responded:
    Tell the truth....

    Didn't you list what medications you are currently taking when you went to the dentist?

    I think if you don't one will find out about the other. Hiding is the type of behavior that can only result in losing both your dentist and your regular PCP.

    Tell the truth....please..Lying will only get you red flagged...
    davedsel responded:
    The laws governing controlled prescription medications are very strict. You would benefit everyone involved by talking to your pharmacist BEFORE filling the script for the hydrocodone. As the other poster mentioned, your pharmacist will have a list of your prescription medications and this script will raise a red flag if there are any legal or medical problems.

    Yes, tell the truth and make sure all parties are involved and agree. The consequences for you could be serious.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    ctbeth responded:
    Have you not signed a controlled med contract ? I ask because most of us have done so. This contract states that we will not get controlled meds from any other MDs.

    There are, however, instances when we, who take daily opiate therapy, require additional pain meds. Your dental work is a good example

    I have required additional pain med post op. This is not an uncommon situation.

    My experience as a pain patient and an RN is this:

    Discuss the oral surgery with the MD who is prescribing your Tylenol #4. Be sure to tell him/her that you are concerned that you may need additional pain med post procedure

    Your MD should consult your dentist and the dentist should comply with the MD's guideline.

    This sort of situation is not uncommon; your prescribing MD (as well as your dentist) do not want you to suffer additional pain via dental work

    It is not just a good idea to be totally honest with both the MD and DDS, your future pain management depends upon your honesty with all of your treating team

    Good wishes, and I hope that the situation works out well. Do let us know.

    nanny09 replied to ctbeth's response:
    • My doctor has instructed me through my contract ,should I need other pain medication for other procedures. That you must call you initial doctor to notify him. I have done this twice and all has been fine.

    Anon_57995 replied to nanny09's response:
    Hi Nanny,

    I think that the contract text is explicit that we do not get prescriptions for controlled meds without consulting the MD who prescribed the controlled med.

    My contract also requires me to have all of my prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy.

    Many times persons who are being treated and contracted with one MD require additional pain meds: dental work, surgery, emergency room meds, and other situations that would require analgesia beyond our regularly-scheduled meds.

    Contracts protect us as we'll as our prescribing MDs
    blessedladyptl replied to Anon_57995's response:
    Just so you know, going to a different pharmacy will not eliminate the problem. The pharmacist can see the meds you've gotten filled at another pharmacy that was written by your regular drs through the state Prescription Monitoring Program.
    AuntZeeZee replied to davedsel's response:
    When A Dr perscribes a scheduled for a certian issue the perscribed is for that issue, Obvisally its not strong enough to comfort ur tooth pain or the dentist would have given u Tylenol # Blah, for what u had done @ the dentist warrents u getting the questions will be asked just fill the Hydro script & take the bottle & paper work (statements & that u had work done) to ur next Dr Appt. if this helps ur other issues ask if u can switch ur pain meds? anyway ur good no worries, if you were in car accident & broke ur leg & the hospital said here take this powerful med until u see ur dr would you not fill it? I just hope u have had it filled by now & r feeling some relief! God Bless & Take Care
    AuntZeeZee responded:
    JIM~I see you didnt tell the dentist, thats a suspicious characterist, when ur Dr asks what u got for pain & if he asks for your record from the dentist he is gonna ask you why you didnt tell the dentist about #4? I see this was a month ago as well, so what happen?

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