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more personal info from the big box pharmacy re:controlled medicines
bulldofmommy posted:
I understand why you are upset w/having to give this info out-as a disabled RN,MD's wife & person taking these controlled substances-it's
because of a mass pharmacy shooting 3 y/a on Father's Day that some dirtbag Oxy/Heroin addict shot everyone in the LI pharmacy to get these drugs-typical habitual shopper & thief-thanks to this POS the state has really turned the screws on the patients(legit users),MD's,& pharmacies. It's unfortunately a sad fact of life BUT IT'S FOR EVERYONE'S ELSES PROTECTION-I @ first took offense to it until that tragic day @ that little pharmacy where innocent people + kids were excuted because of his depraved craving!! It makes it harder for the legit users but trust me-the pharmacy & MD's know who is a legit user & who is a dirtbag user-WE JUST HAD 6 MD'S PUT IN JAIL WHO WERE SELLING OXY RX'S FOR $100 FOR EXTRA && ON LI & THE CITY & NY has the toughest controlled substances laws in the US!!
I know you are a good person in pain,take in stride,just show the pharmacy/ists that you are a sick person in need & continually try to use the same MD prescriber & you will see it make things easier, & pleasant...hang in there & don't this stress you out-it will just increase your pain which you don't need:)

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