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Head and Face Pain
Anon_163907 posted:
I have had head and face pain for many years. One area is at the base of my head up to the top of my head, the other pain is from my jaw up to my temple. Both are on the right side of my head. Recently a Neurologist thought it was atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia, But the MRI was inconclusive and MRA was also inconclusive. I have seen two Nerosurgeons and the cause is still unknown. I have been in many auto accidents and have a metal plate in my neck. Note the pain gets worse if I am tense. When the pain is bad I cannot function.

davedsel responded:

I am sorry you are experiencing so much difficulty with your symptoms. Unfortunately no one on an internet message board can tell you what is causing your pain. Your best course of action would be to continue your research on the internet and continue to try and find an accurate diagnosis by seeing different specialists. Rather than a neurosurgeon perhaps you should see a neurologist that specializes in head trauma.

I pray you find answers and relief soon.
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77grace responded:
Hello ,
I aM sorry that I did not get back to you right away but I had Oral surgery and it not only left me in surgical pain but realy messed up my my head and neck !That's where most of my pain is anyway !@It just made it worse !
So I can relate to pain and I'm sorry that you have to go through it !
I cannot function either when mine is really bad !
I wish I had some good info for you as far as What is causing yoiur pain ?An Dr. would know more than we would !
Bless you , 77grace
Tom707 replied to davedsel's response:

Thanks for your responce. I've seen a neurologist, he thought it was TNA but now is not sure.

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