Girlfriends Pelvic Pain (Please Help)
bauhau5 posted:
My girlfriend has been having on and off pelvic pains for the last four months. She also says she has been running a slight fever of 99. She has been into various doctors, have done blood tests for stds, (which all came back negative) has gotten on anti biotics for two weeks, (which she said helped at the time, but now the pain is back), has tried a variety of diets, and the pain persists. [br>So let's break this down:[br>-She's in pain in her pelvic, and radiates into her lower back, persistant ache, sometimes a feeling of heaviness, and sometimes a pulling feeling/tingling. [br>-Doctors don't know what is wrong[br>-Blood tests, and STD tests are negative[br>-She's emotional[br>-She's depressed[br>-She hasn't had a sex drive for the last two weeks[br>-She has had a fever in the 99's for several months[br>-Low energy[br>[br>This problem has been going on for 4 months. She is stressing out that she doesn't want to have to deal with this for the rest of her life. She's incredibly emotional. Please help me help her.
ctbeth responded:
Greetings from Connecticut,

While you are welcome to post here, this is a pain management support community. Neither the members nor the doctor can diagnose your girlfriend on this internet venue.

She is being medically worked up in search oh a diagnosis, so this would make it even less likely that you're going to be able to get an accurate diagnosis on the internet.

However, write anytime- for support, to tell us what's going on with her diagnoses and tests, et al

Perhaps others have more thoughts about this.

Has she had a pregnancy test?