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Foot and leg pain
DianaFaye posted:
I do not have diabetes, but I suffer severe leg and foot pain. The bottoms of my feet are so painful, that it feels like I am walking on broken glass. I am now on a heavy dose of hydrocodone, four times daily, but it only has a minimal effect. My numbers indicate that I am a healthy person but I have pain whether I am active or still, 24 hours a day.
davedsel responded:

What is your doctor saying? What testing have you had done? What exactly are you looking for in this community?

Sorry for the questions but your cryptic post does not give enough information for anyone to offer you good advice. Also, please be aware that you can not be diagnosed over this or any internet message board and the rules prevent us from giving actual medical advice.

You will ultimately need to see some type of specialist, probably a neurologist.

I pray you can get answers and relief soon.
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ctbeth responded:
May I ask, what do you mean by your numbers indicate that you're healthy? Also, what is the condition for which your taking hydro codons?

It may be in order to discuss this with your primary care MD. He/ she may refer you to a neurologist

Some insurance policies and neurologist offices both require that you get referred by your primary care MD

I have sensation that sound rather similar to what you're describing. It feels as if I'm walking on hot, hot sand. I hate it! The difference is that my odd neurological sensations are from a known cause.

I have spinal cord stimulation, and that makes the "hot sand" feeling almost go away. Before that, I took Neurontin/ Gabapentin and it helped the symptom somewhat.

I'm not saying that spinal cord stimulation is for you. I have it to treat intractable lower back and leg pain. It also helps with the neuropathy

I hope that your MD will help you get diagnosed and treated

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