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Abdominal pain
darkepoetess posted:
This pain happened to me two years ago.
But this time it lasted for 5 hours straight. It did not dissipate even after two shots of dilotted and a "cocktail" the ER gave me to make sure it was not GERD. I spent 5 hours on the ER floor with my butt up in the air because that was the only way it felt better.

It started in the morning after coffee. I remember bending the night before to get my shoes and feeling something move in my upper right side of my body. (It felt like my lung came away from my ribs or something like that) It only lasted for a minute so I dismissed it. (I am used to "things " moving around in my abdomen when I bend forward.

The pain was in the front right under my breast and went through to my back in the same area. Then it started to radiate down under my ribs to my side.

I took my pantaprozole and waited for it to work. After a half and hour I tried to lay down and relax. I couldn't. I started pacing cause I could not still because of the pain. After one hour I decided to go to the Minute Clinic, I did not want to go to the hospital because I knew it was the same pain I had two years ago and after many tests, they found nothing except mild Gastritis.

There were two people in front of me at the clinic and I knew I was in too much pain to sit and wait so I went to my usual clinic to see any doctor available.

Well the nurse told the doctor who quickly told me to go to the emergency room.
I told her this happened before and it was gastritis and the doctor told me to go to emergency. The nurse said then that is where you should be. (By now I was bent over sitting on the floor.) She said you don't look like you can drive, can we call you an ambulance. I said I would call my daughter. (she is a registered nurse at a local Doctor's office)

Long story short the er told me they found nothing . they think it was an abdominal spasm.
An_251837 responded:
You should follow-up with your regular doctor for further evaluation and treatment.
darkepoetess replied to An_251837's response:
I am seeing my regular doctor next week. I ordered copies of my scans and ultrasounds. There was blood in my urine and they said I had "small" kidney stones but those should not have caused the amount of pain I was having. Well I am sure that I passed them in the ER because of all the ringers they were giving me. They should have given me a strainer so I could catch them and analyze them. The pain disipated after 7 hours and the one gastro doctor said. "Wow you are a fast healer." like I was pretending to be ill for 7 hours straight laying on a dirty ER floor cause the pain was so bad.

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