Severe Herniated Oesophagus and severe pain I can't take it anymore
nevermindInc posted:
If I don't get relief from my herniated oesophagus, I'm gonna have a heart attack, and if that doesn't work then another permanent solution, does anyone have this condition??? Today was the worst, I had severe acid reflux and I had to sit straight up in bed to sleep which sucks, and even drinking water very slowly felt like it was acid, I moaned in pain, my Doctor said he's gonna get me scoped down my throat? But when will that finally evolve??? I bet they will give me a appointment in the year 2014! I can not wait that long!
ctbeth responded:
You sound so frustrated and suffering so much . I think that you could call your MD first thing tomorrow morning and tell him/ her how miserable that you are.

If he/she is going to schedule a diagnostic procedure and knows that you're in such pain, chances are that you will. Or have to wait until next year

I'm assuming that's you mean esophagus, right?

Please call, okay? Let us know.

DaKittster responded:
Hi, I suffer from esophageal motility disorder, and the pain during spasms at times is so severe I could swear it was angina or that I was having a heart attack.

My cardiologist gave me Imdur for actual angina after a mild heart attack, and surprisingly it turned out that the Imdur actually relieved the pain and spasms in my esophagus.

Eventually my cardiologist switched me to a different drug for my heart, but due to the benefits in relieving my spastic esophagus agreed to keep me on low dose Imdur (generic form), for which I'm so grateful.

Scoping your esophagus will determine the actual status of the condition, but if it has already been factually diagnosed, perhaps you could ask your doctor to consider prescribing Imdur for you to help alleviate the discomfort and pain.