Advice on Post-Hernia Repair Surgery Pain?
TheCleverestWitch posted:
Hi everyone!

I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl on 12/12/12 via C-Section and three days later I was having a lot of sharp pain on my right side. It took three months for them to do a proper ultrasound and they found I had a hernia that needed I needed to have surgery for as soon as possible. I had the surgery, and as the months passed I was still having some discomfort in that area. In July we moved from California to Texas and the pain started to get much worse, and was shooting down my right leg.

The doctor finally ordered a CT Scan last month and it showed that my mesh is scraping along my lining and I have a lot of inflamed scar tissue. He prescribed me regular pain medication, as well as a chronic pain medicine called Neurontin (Gabapentin) 300 mg. The Neurontin hasn't been doing anything for me, and I was reading up on it and saw that it is for nerve pain. I don't think the pain that I'm having is nerve pain. I also saw a pain management specialist today (who I greatly disliked) and he basically told me that he doesn't prescribe any type of pills, except for Lyrica, and strictly just works with steroid injections.

Now, I stay up at night and watch a lot of Golden Girls so there is always commercials for Lyrica and so I know that it is specifically for diabetic nerve pain. I tried to explain to him that I don't think it's nerve pain because Neurontin didn't help me, so he said that he would just do steroid injections then to break up the scar tissue.

Is there any other way to break up scar tissue besides injections? Or is there something I can do to stop the mesh from digging in to me because I don't want to get rid of this scar tissue, just to have more develop, and then I'm getting steroid shots the rest of my life.

Also, is there another pain medicine that would last longer than Ibuprofen or Norcos? I don't want anything too strong, I just want something to last. He doesn't prescribe pills apparently but I would at least like recommendations from anybody who has had to deal with constant pain.

Also, it has never hurt when I press down in that area, or when another doctor has pressed there, but today the pain management specialist pressed really hard and pretty much made the pain worse than it was, and he told me, "See, it's nerve pain, you're sore when I press on it." So could it be a nerve or does he just not know how to properly exam?

I hope somebody else can give me some advice on what to do or can relate to the type of pain I'm having. Thanks!
77grace responded:
Hi there,
I think I heard that repeated massage is very good to break up scar tissue!But it's something you need to keep doing !Also ,Ultra sound !I think that 's the name ,it's the machine with a attachment that they rub over the area !
As far as meds,you need to ask your Dr. !
Best of luck. 77grace