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Severe lower back pain
Anon_75538 posted:
Ten days ago I was pulling weeds (lots of them) and after about an hour my lower back started hurting. I thought perhaps I did not bend my knees properly while pulling the weeds. The pain is worse now that dreadful day of pulling weeds. I can hardly stand up, but once I am up I feel a little and I mean a little relief. There is absolutely no comfortable position. Self diagnosed as muscle strains and now I KNOW I need an expert opinion. What should I do?
An_251837 responded:
Since you can not be diagnosed and treated over an internet message board, you need to see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.
kns891 replied to An_251837's response:
I am not a doctor but sometimes I experience the same thing. You might just be having tension in your back. I would suggest to put some heat, or ice, on your lower back.
Anon_57995 replied to kns891's response:
Tension? What does tension in ones back entail?

If now, four days later, your symptoms have not improved, and you have. Or been medically evaluated, you really should get diagnosed by a physician.

Interesting that ins suggested heat or ice.

After an injury, inflammation is the body's response. In theory, inflammation is meant to naturally immobilize the injured area. There is nothing inherently wrong with inflammation, but it does add discomfort

For the first twenty- four hours post injury, ice or cool packs can be used to prevent excessive inflammation and ease pain. After the first twenty- four hours, heat or warm packs can be used both for comfort and to increase circulation to the effected area, thus reduce inflammation.

Still, better to see a medical doctor, PA, or APR. for an accurate diagnosis.

Do be aware that chiropractors are NOT medical doctors and can use only one reliable diagnostic tool- the xray. X-RAYS do not accurately exhibit soft tissue injury, but mostly bone

Chiropractors cannot order lab tests, prescribe medicines, nor does their education include any hospital practice They will, however, diagnose every problem with their one elusive diagnosis: Subluxation

The problem with chiropractic subluxation is that none agree on exactly what it is, nor can a real medical professional identify what it is on X-ray that Chiros see, as there is no clear clinical presentation. It's a very cultish belief based treatment that has no basis is medical fact

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