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using methadone with Oxycotin for pain management
tdmyturn posted:
I suffer from chronic pancreatitis- brought on by a dysfunctional bile duct and the deterioration of the pancreas. 15 yrs to date...

I have seen the same physician for 10 of those yrs, I have followed every directive, I have not sought out additional medication, nor begged for increases ( I stayed at the same doseage for 6 yrs), I use the same pharmacy, I go to the e.r. for emergency attacks but NEVER request additional rx, and am and have not ever been on any "drug seeker list".

for 8 yrs ago I was put on Oxycotin and norco...this was heaven sent but my insurance soon ran out and it was not financially doable- my doctor than TAPERED me off of the Oxycotin and introduced Methadone...Norco continued for break through, this continued for the past 6 yrs. 2 yrs ago he added dilated 4mg for extreme pain ( only a few tablets)

a few months ago the pain management doctor in his office agreed that we should try and re-introduce Oxycotin and get me off or at least significantly reduce the methadone- which we did- at this point I was taking one 40 mg oc in am and in pm - 4-10mg methadone through out the day, norco for spikes and breakthrough, and a few diladid for major attacks....this was working, not completely taking away the pain but was controlling the major peaks and valleys....

today I met with my main doctor ( he recently replaced the office pain management doctor to practice pain management full time), he met with me for 5 min. printed off my rx and said good day- when I pointed out that he had missed the norco and methadone he came unglued..cursing at the regime, spouting that my medication was ineffective and only in my head at this point, that I could stop tomorrow and have the same identical pain...I finally spoke up and stated the facts of our relationship and that once again I would do whatever he recommended but I questioned his decision to stop the Oxycontin completely and double the methadone dosage...he stated something about how one methadone is equal to a 3 count of Oxycontin??? idk.. then compared my chronic pain to that of a caffeine headache- stating two options keep drinking coffee or suffer through the headaches, either one was the same result...I then replied in tears - so are you what suggesting I just curl up in a ball, slit my wrists??? HIS ANSWER- ' IF YOU WANT'....

end result- my pharmacist refused to fill the medication because she did not feel comfortable with the change, and is concerned about the cessation of the OC. Im home, pain is excruciating and have no idea what I should do next??

I realize this is a horribly long letter - my main question: was having me on Oxycontin and methadone for extreme chronic pain not a good regime for pain management??
ctbeth responded:
Holy crow! I don't even know what to say, but it's nearly 2:00 AM where I am, and I want to assure you that people really are here for you.

What a situation you're in. Really, it seem like you must seek out a pain management MD soon as possible

Whether or not methadone and OxyContin is a "good regime" form pain management is not something we can properly discuss on an internet support community.

However, it is clear that the MD who was so rude and upsetting to you doesn't seem, from what you reported, to be sensitive to your concerns and/or actually listening to you

None can tell you what you should do. It rather sounds as if you know that this MD isn't going to meet your needs

Best wishes to you, and I hope that you'll write again and let us know how you're doing with all of this

tuloud54 responded:
I'm not sure how severe your pain is but now let's add in an idiot doctor and just wait and see how you do? Been there,suffered that. Read my story but I had a dr actually tell me you will never be completely pain free. You think. You need a new dr.They are out there but it is really tough to shop when you can barely function. Do you have someone that can help you locate other dr.You may need to try a few but know you are not the first,and not the last,that this has happened to. Doctor are under so much pressure from losing their license,fines and all other nightmares they forgot their oath.Do no Harm. Do not let this last loser dictate the direction of your life. Use your medical plan for referrals or whatever resources you have because your life depends on it.Literally. I have never had a dr hurt me in my entire 58yrs,except this previous pain dr. He told me 90% of my patients are drug seeking. So screw the 10 that really would take nothing if we could just man up. Don't stop now.Help is ther but you have to keep looking. Please keep in touch.Wish I could take it away. Tom

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