What kind of elbow problem?
jszaradowski posted:
Can someone can tell me what I have? Lately while at work when asked to sweep the front counter and grill area, I feel pain in the outside of my elbow. I mostly feel it when sweeping and sometimes now I feel it when my arm is totally straight. I have the pain in my right elbow just above the crease on left side of elbow joint, and is tender(pain) to touch
Should I go get this checked out? Who should I see, PCP? Currently no insurance or PCP. Only have quick care at my doctor's office so I see a different doctor each time I go there or can use Walgreens.
dfromspencer responded:
Any time you have a legitimate medical concern, consult a physician. What you have, sounds like tennis elbow? Which is caused from strain, overuse.

I am not a doctor, so please do have it checked, it may be something else? In the meantime, have you tried any therapies, ie, like heat or cold? If one works, then keep using it. If it is heat or cold, remember ten to twenty minute's on, and same off!

See the doc.! Good luck!!!