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    P.M. Doctor asked me if i would like a pain pump?
    dfromspencer posted:
    Hello all, yes I have been gone from this board for a while now, I have been concentrating on me, mostly. Sorry!

    I have done some research on these pain pumps, but would like some input from those who actually have one?! I want it all, pro, or con! Please don't push something if it doesn't work great for you, thank you! And, please state exactly why it is great, or not so great!

    Any, and all responses will be greatly appreciated!!!!


    tuloud54 responded:
    Have you tried everything else?Thankfully the pain community has come along way but trying to get pain relief through opiates causes its own kind of pain. When you are in pain,you will literally do anything for just a little relief.None of us expect to be pain free but when pain has you by the throat,it is tough to think straight.I had a pump inserted in nov 2012.It was my choice and would not change a thing. Are you willing to risk infection,death,surgical mishaps and a lot of other risky crap.I persoanally would rather have died on the table then exist as I had for 4 years,I tried everything and this pump has worked for me.I take nothing else and feel some pain but that I can live with.LIVE is the key word.My life is coming back slowly.My biggest worry is this puppy stops working.It hasn't yet but I still have panics that it will. You need to make sure that this is a chance you're willing to take.Begging for drugs to help manage your pain is its own kind of pain.God bless you with your decision.This worked for me. Tom
    dfromspencer replied to sam1985's response:
    Hi Sam, thanks for the info! Unfortunately, Chiropractics will do nothing for me. I have nerve damage, severe nerve damage! I have an intense burning sensation every second of every day! Its non stop! I currently take 600mgs of morphine a day, plus 400mgs of lyrica, and I take oxycodone for breakthrough pain four times a day. My life is miserable! Something more drastic has to be done!

    Again, thank you for the info! You take care!

    dfromspencer replied to tuloud54's response:
    Hi tuloud54,

    Thank you for responding! Yes, I have tried most everything. Nothing comes close to giving me relief. So, my Pain Management Specialist in the V.A. hospital has recommended I get the pain pump. I have seriously considered this, and I believe as you do. It has to be better than what I am currently doing, right? The side effects of all this morphine, on top of everything else, is just too much! Like the level of my pain is too much! I do not believe the morphine is helping, I think it just makes the lyrica last longer? I.D.K.? All I do know is this, I can't take it any more!

    I guess I will have to tell my doctor to set things up? Everyone, or every story I have heard, has told me they get awesome relief with the pain pump. I am not too happy with even more surgery, but if I can get this pain down to something I could live with, then I have to do it!!! Plus, I am sick and tired of taking all these pills, they constipate me to no end! I hope to see some relief in that area, also!

    Thank you, again!!! I will keep all informed of how this process goes, it is quite lengthy, I believe?! There is also a scychiatrist (sp?) involved in there somewhere? There will be a lot of waiting on my end, that is just how the V.A. works! Oh well, as long as its for a good cause!

    Take care!!!

    tuloud54 replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Speaking of waiting on my End! You have not lived until you tried to push a watermelon through your peach sized butthole. No longer have that problem but people speak the truth when they say I am an even bigger a hole now.True dat! God bless and be realistic with amount of relief you may get.For me,I was begging for just some relief. Good luck. Tom
    dfromspencer replied to tuloud54's response:
    Thanks Tom,

    Thanks for the laugh, also!!! Yea, I know that watermelon feeling, I got the hernia to prove it! Bigger a-hole, yep that fits me. Sometime the pain overwhelms me, and I get a little testy?!

    That is all I want to, Tom, just a little relief!!! This burning has been going on since mid 2000's, and it is driving me crazy!!! The lyrica helped a little, at first, now I am up to 400mg's a day, and it doesn't do much anymore. I begged the doctor's to remove my arm, but they refuse. I suppose they have to? But, it would be the relief I wish for! That is why I am with you on the little. Anything would be better than this!!!

    Thanks again, you take care!!!

    ctbeth replied to sam1985's response:
    May I ask what is the issue that your brother had in which he was considering an implanted delivery system and how ,"what we had referred" was Peter Ferraro, a New Jersey chiropractor?

    Please read the rules of the site. You are not allowed to recommend doctors, or even name them. Neither are you allowed to post links to advertisements, which is what you have, over and over, posted.

    It appears as if you have some financial alliance with this chiropractor.

    Please stop posting this link about this "cure all" Peter Ferraro in New Jersey.

    You have been reported for violation of Web MD policy and shall be reported as many times as you persists in doing so.

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