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Late Night Cramps
kns891 posted:
I am a 22 year old female. All day I'll be fine and I can fall asleep just fine but if I have to get up in the middle of the night for whatever reason I start cramp in my abdominal area really bad; almost like a period cramp but worse. It always gets so bad that I start to feel nauseous. I have a heating pad that helps only sometimes. Ibuprofen used to be effective but not so much anymore. Does anyone know why this is occurring and what are some possible home remedies?
DaKittster responded:
Hello, my dear. I used to suffer from ulcerative colitis and irritable bowels. Surprisingly, most of the cramping happened during the night or in early morning hours, which I presumed was because my largest meal of the day was dinner, and due to my job would be late at night because I worked 10 hour days.

Regardless, lower abdominal cramping can be caused by any number of health issues, and attempting to continue treating it yourself with over-the-counter remedies or home remedies could be causing the actual cause to progress to a more severe state.

If you have not been to a doctor, and an Internal Specialist would be the ideal specialist to see, at least get an appointment with your family doctor if you have one. Ignoring serious symptoms such as the ones you're experiencing is not a good move at this point. At your age you should not allow your youth to cause you to believe that there can be nothing serious happening healthwise.

Get to a doctor ASAP, and see if he/she can find out the source of your cramping. There are many treatments available that will alleviate the cramps without requiring serious narcotic intake, and delaying a diagnosis can turn a relatively simple treatable health issue into a severe long term on.

Best wishes, Kitt

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