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Just Prescribed Horizant for Small Fiber / Peripheral Neuropathy
brookevale posted:
Has anyone used Horizant for Small Fiber / Peripheral Neuropathy? It's supposed to be used for Restless Leg Syndrome. I have disabling nerve pain in my feet, inner thighs, and sometimes my hands. I am not diabetic and have no idea why I have neuropathy. Long, frustrating story of going undiagnosed.
dawndawn77 responded:
I have no experience with this medication, so I can't help you there, but I was wondering how you got your diagnosis. See my post on this community for my story, but my doctor was thinking I have neuropathy due to chronic pain in my hands and feet, but my emgs were normal. Still waiting on results of an MRI of my brain. This is extremely frustating not getting diagnosed and I can certainly sympathize with you on that. I think everyone thinks I'm crazy or a drug seeker. But I can barely function. Whatever that drug is, I hope it helps you.
brookevale replied to dawndawn77's response:
dawndawn77 you have to get a nerve skin biopsy test. Insist on it! I had MRI and EMG and they were a waste of a copay and time (and in the EMG case, torture). The neurologist numbs an area on your calf and thigh and then cuts a little piece of skin out. The skin is then sent to pathology to be looked at under a microscope. My nerves showed severe small fiber neuropathy and damage, which, at least showed this wasn't in my head! Still don't know what caused it but it started after abdominal surgery last year in which I got sepsis and then was treated with Levaquin and steroids. So, could be fluoroquinolone toxicity or something going on in my gut as the nerve pain flares when I eat. Best of luck! By the way, the Horizant helps a bit but leaves me feeling like a zombie.
fibrofran17 replied to brookevale's response:
hi Brookvale, you range the bell! I wish the FDA would spend some time going after the real poisons that are legal through Rx, instead of punishing chronic pain patients for the overuse of pain meds, another story. You mentioned Levaquin, I'll add Cipro, given out like candy for you name it.....I took both and went through hell and now have neuropathy all over, not a diabetic either. It ruined my life. Now I have to cope with the loss of vision from gabapention to ease the neuropathy.......pickin our poisons we are. To sleep or to see, that is the question? Sorry I had to vent and also maybe educate other folks to think before taking those antibiotics, the price is very very very high. God Bless, fibrofran

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