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Why don't doctors listen and what can I do about it
Donna6263 posted:
Hello, I have been having pain in my upper arms (both sides) when I move quickly, either lifting or putting my arms behind my back, I can't do my hair, wrap a towel around me after a shower, pull blankets up over my head, tuck my arm under my head when falling asleep. I have had 7 weeks of physical therapy where they did ultrasound and electric impulses but no exercises. I went back to my doctor and asked to have a MRI but he asked it I have been tested for Rheumatoid arthritis, I told him that I have and that it was negative, but he told me to have another blood test and then see a rheumatologist, I don't think I have RA, I don't think I have fibromyalgia, but I think I need a MRI to figure out what is going on, Why do doctors just send you for tests and pawn you off elsewhere?.
dfromspencer responded:
That is very unfortunate, but it seems as if you have one of those doctors that like to put you through un-needed tests? Some do it for the money, other's, just to cover their tracks. I suggest you go along, or find another doctor?! Once all of the tests he scheduled for you come back negative, perhaps then he will send you for an M.R.I.???

I wish you luck in finding that relief!!!

Anon_2912 responded:
Sounds like you may have bursitis. I get that every 1-2yrs. In fact I had a cortisone shot last month. Like you washing my hair and moving my shoulder in certain ways hurt ...

I have had cortisone shots on my right one for the last two years. The shot hurts at first, but the pain goes away in about 2-3 days ...and it last about 8 months to a year.

They have offered the PT for me, but I was honest with the doctor and told them I don't have time for PT because of work.
musicmancma replied to Anon_2912's response:
Try a Comfrey Poultice.
In July 2012 I innocently threw a dishcloth back to the sink after wiping down the benches and suffered the excruciating pain that goes with tearing a tendon in the shoulder. Over the next few months the pain became different and so problematic and hit my left side even worse. I decided to consult our family doctor just before Christmas. He sent me for ultrascans. The result showed I had torn tendons and bursitis in both. He suggested cortisone shots for immediate relief but having read that it only helps for a short time I decided against it (much to his displeasure I feel). I have long been a believer in the healing properties of the herb comfrey, and started researching how to make the best use of it. I grow it in quantity to give away to people who have various ailments. I decided to poultice my worst shoulder for 24 hours to see if it would help. 3 weeks later I was back to fairly normal use of the arm with . The pain subsided and movement returned gradually over that time. Needless to say I treated the other shoulder soon after and now I am back to being pain free with full movement in both shoulders. Thank you God for providing Comfrey. I have also made up comfrey ointment for ongoing preventative care.
Anon_57995 replied to musicmancma's response:
How do you make this?
annette030 responded:
An MRI is a test...They are very pricey, what do you think it would show? I think seeing a rheumie is a good idea.

Take care. Annette

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