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Stimulator Question
ihbflmom posted:
HELP!!!! I've posted previous questions and I would like to ask this as well.

I am under the understanding that if you have a stimulator put in, that you cannot move (twist or bend) when it is implanted.

Can anyone verify that for me? Is this true?

Thank you so much to anyone that can guide me
ctbeth responded:
While the spinal cord stimulator is actually being placed in your body, you cannot move. This would be similar to your. Or being allowed to move while a dentist is working on yr teeth

It's a minor surgical procedure. You'll either be highly sedated or have general anesthesia for the actual procedure

There may be a few restrictions until it heals.

After the initial healing, you should not have any movement limitations
cweinbl responded:
You must remain perfectly still whenever having any invasive spinal intervention, including the IT Pump, the SCS and injections.
I've had more than my share of spinal interventions, including injections, a facet rhyzotomy and surgeries. The amount of time required to remain perfectly still is not that long. It's doable for everyone but the most anxious, or for those with tremors or convulsions

If it's implantation of a surgical device, like the SCS or IT Pump, you will be sedated or under general anesthesia.

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