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lower rhomboid, strong pain to scapula
deadmanwalking57 posted:
I fell hard on my shoulder blade three weeks ago, having tripped on a volleyball support line going after a ball. Rotated in the air, and came down hard. My ribs even hurt in front. Still a fair amount of pain, but my doctor said just take Ibuprofen. It feels heavily cramped from spine to lower connection to the scapula. A muscle relaxer seems a better choice, and I have some from another injury I could take. The injuy does not seem to be improving with heat yet, so tension does not seem like a good thing, and sure hurts.
Difficult to take enough Ibuprofen to make a dent, 800 mg at a time, 2 or 3 times a day.

Thank you.
An_251837 responded:
Following up with your doctor would be the wisest course of action. You can not be diagnosed or treated on an internet message board, and it is against the rules for anyone - even the health experts - to give medical advice here.

Continue to discuss your symptoms with your doctor.
deadmanwalking57 replied to An_251837's response:
If he is unavailable, it is self treat. An informed choice based on at least why I perhaps should NOT do something would be helpful. I like to believe the mantra, first do no harm, includes helping people know why some or all choices may be the wrong thing to do.

A pain killer may be a bad idea since it could mask further injury from use. Recommended heat brought more pain. That is not good. So ice, for one.

Your response suggests why the message boards have gone pretty much silent from previously having been a lively and helpful community for many years. Lawyers have every one afraid to communicate. The modern bully takes over the internet.

1st amendment right of free speech, and the Good Samaritan Law in California, suggest if one is sincerely trying to be of assistance, and give information from their own real experience, the recipient can consider any advice, and research its likely benefits before implementing it.

Without the message boards' activity, WebMD is nothing more than just another website with excessive advertising full of bogus and questionable medical propaganda/advertising that is more untrustworthy than the message boards themselves.

I trust a thoughtful intelligent response from a knowledgeable stranger over a doctor who may not be listening 100%, or misunderstood the source of my pain, but did not admit to it.

There are doctors who claim they should be trusted, but do NOT do a good job. A medical license makes that OK ? Not to me. They are licensed to do harm if they do not give a hoot.
So people just just do as they say, when the "doctor" was not paying attention, or gave a wrong diagnosis ?

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