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Pain in back left side near shoulder blade
jbmuffin posted:
I have been having terrible pain in my upper back under my left shoulder blade for a few months. I was told gallbladder only happens on the right side. Is that true? It usually happens at night and wakes me from a deep sleep. It last about 2 hours and is gone like it was never there. It also makes me feel sick and throw up. Anyone else have this type of pain? I have not been to a dr yet as I cannot afford to go so I am hoping changing my diet or exercise will help.
David Maine, MD responded:
Thank you for your post. There really could be numerous causes and unfortunately it really takes and exam and focused history to sort these things out. I hope you are able to see a doctor in the near future. Good luck.
donitabird61 responded:
I also have had that several times. Sometimes a like nerve pain under my left arm elbow to left side of body I just take a deep breath n slowly let out air. One time my whole left side was so pain, I almost drove myself to emergency room or call 911.
jbmuffin replied to David Maine, MD's response:
Thank you. I finally had to go and get it checked. I went in last Saturday and Sunday had my gallbladder removed. I was told before this that the pain had to be on the right not the left, but as I found out it can also be on the left. Since the operation NO PAIN !!! The small discomfort from the surgery is nothing compaired to the pain I had before.

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