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Getting set up for pain pump.
dfromspencer posted:
Hi all, its me again!

The V.A. has finally called back, and has set me up with my first appointment with a psychologist. Yippee skippy!!! I can't wait to get all of this behind me, so I can get the surgery done and outta the way. I need some relief!!! I don't think there is a drug in the world that can stop never damage pain? However, I have heard and read nothing but good things about this pump!!! Everyone claims to get excellent relief themselves! I truly hope this will work for me, also!!!

Well, that's about it? Nothing else to really put out there, so, I shall sign off for now! I will be back daily to read any responses! I hope to hear from all of you who have gone through this yourself?!

Thank you all, and a HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL HERE!!!

Truly yours,

tuloud54 responded:
God luv ya! Now,to get past that pesky psych tester? It has been a year since I had my pump put in.Though not pain free, I am a little freer from pain dictating my life. This really was a way for me to save myself. Begging for drugs,kissing dr butt got old. The pills were keeping me alive but there are worse things then dying as most of us can swear too. I knew that I might die on the table,I knew I may get an infection It really doesn't even seem like a choice I made now. I did this for me. I would never suggest any operation unless absolutely necessary,This was necessary. My unit is on the left abdomen and I barely notice it until I roll over on it or bump into something.That will wake you up quick.I wish you well.My pain was about a 5 or 6 with other meds. I now have a consistent 4.That is huge for me and anyone rating pain knows what a difference a point can make.Have not taken a pill in a year and need nothing else. You will sneeze right after surgery and that will let you know you are still alive. I will pray it all goes well.You deserve just a liitle bit of help.Just a little is all most of us asks.God speed my friend. Tom

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