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shoulder and neck pain non stop
aaaa111 posted:
If anyone has had non stop neck and shoulder pain together for 2 years please respond and let me know if you ever got a resolution, as I said above, Ive been to every specialist I know of, 2 Mris, one cat scan,
x rays, 2 cortisone shots neither touched it pain management doc with ephederal, didn't help a bit. sports doctor. have an inversion table, have the tens unit, been to the acupuncture for long time, did the chiropractor, I cant think of any thing or any doc I haven't been too started 2 years ago after I roller painted , pain came on with a fury and hasn't stopped, I spend most of my day crying and lying on my back.
only relief is laying, cant spend anymore time in pain and on my back im a real estate broker for 25 years and I work even when I could screem , any ideas please reply to me asap..

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please post my question about the neck and shoulder pain for 2 years non stop, excruciating, you name the doc ive been there and done that as far as I kknow, I need help now...
  • neck and shoulder pain please reply
  • neck and constant shoulder pain please reply
  • non stop 2 yr neck and right shoulder pain please reply
  • please reply to my 2 yr non stop neck and shoulder pain right sid
  • neck and shoulder pain right side non stopp, i cry all the time
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ctbeth responded:
Hi from New England,

You wrote that you had two MRIs and have seen many MDs.

Was anything pathological found on the MRIs? I ask this since you go on to say that you had some cortisone injection. I'm assuming that when you say ephedreral, you probably men epidural steroid injections, which is another term for cortisone injections.

That this therapy was done would indicate that there were abnormal findings in your diagnostic tests that would warrant the steroid injections.

With some pathology going on in your neck, or cervical spine, chiropractic may be the worst thing that you can do. The "Marie Antoinette" maneuver could paralyze you.

You also said that you are being treated by a pain management MD. This is where you can start.

Tell your pain management MD what you're experiencing. Since the epidural steroid injections did not work to relieve your pain, the next option may be to ask your pain management MD if you can be referred to a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon.

Meanwhile, be certain to speak to your MD about medication for pain; if your MD is reluctant to prescribe an opiate, which some are, there are other non-opiate pain meds that may offer you some relief.

I wish you the best and hope that you can find the relief that you require and deserve.

Please keep in contact with us and let me know what you're thinking and how you're doing.

It appears that an anonymous member has posted horrible things aimed at you. I have personally reported his/her vicious posts and imagine that others have, as well.

Most of us are fine people. One jerk can ruin things. I beseech you to ignore the nasty comment and feel welcome in this community.


lazydazey replied to ctbeth's response:
Beth, I reported that awful person too-that is NOT what this board is about-really miss the moderators-that nasty person needs to be banned-permanently!
ctbeth replied to lazydazey's response:
Best to report and ignore.

We can also post anything as the last post so the offensive post will not be visible on the opening page.

This is called, "bump" which is why I write that word in my post.
ctbeth replied to An_254862's response:
ctbeth replied to An_254821's response:

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