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excruciating pain after sex!
ash3ivy posted:
Sex is always great and pleasurable for me... never painful expect when he goes in too deep, too quickly. This time it was definitely painful from going in too deep but I tried tried to just take it like a champ till we were done.. horrible idea. Now I'm in soooooo much pain in my lower pelvic and it shoots all the way back to my tail bone. I can't lay or stand any way to make the pain less. It feels like I'm being stabbed I got up to go pee and it seriously hurt so bad it made me cry. It's been an hr so far.. please help me! Did I burst something or tear something. I'm guessing it was too dry during sex and absolutely went too deep. Omg help!
An_254821 responded:
Since it is against WEBMD rules we can not give you medical advice. Only a doctor can diagnose you.
ctbeth responded:
Chances are that you have not burst or torn anything.

Still, if you're having horrible pain, you really should be seen by an MD

Good luck

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