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erik70 posted:
Let me introduce myself I am Erik I am 40ish I have had 3 Spinal surgeries and both hips are replaced when it was all done and over with I was on oxcontin morphine they had tried stimulator for the pain but it was so painful i (seriously) ripped it out of my own back after a low period I got myself off medication for about 2 years but I have a very physically demanding job and I am at the point where I am taking medication again my problem also is within the last year when the pain really started to return I was taking about 15 Tylonol a day and now my liver is starting to go I am on hydrocodone it helps but it is getting to the point it is taking more and more to control it, One thing I found that helps a lot it to take a adderall (ampetimin) plus the hydrocodone but no doctor will listen to this I found it out on accident it cut my usage of pain killers down by a third or more, But now I am getting to the point the only way I get any releif is by self abuse (not recomended) because of the large amount of andorphines it puts out can someone give me any other ideas on how to keep the pain under control i need it in the worse way.
77grace responded:
Hi erik70 ,
Well,I know from experience that taking more meds than prescribed will not help in the long run !!Do you have a pain Dr.???Who ever is your Dr. needs to know tha the pain is not being controlled by what your taking !Be care as far as telling him that you are abusing it !What is Adderall ??
I am also in a lot of pain and my tolerance is shot so I know about meds not working enough !
Best hing is tell your Dr.!
Let me knopw how it goes or if I can help!

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