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    Prime Doc on vacation
    sookie1992 posted:
    Hello there! so I am suffering from this neurofibromatosis type 1 pain for few years now.. I've been in pain ever since I was 19 and now I'm 21. so my prime doc is on vacation and won't be back at his office until Feb. I have appt with neuro doc next week (first visit) with him since I changed from children doc to adult doc. the problem is that I'm suffering with pain and it's hard for me to sleep, stay asleep, and do normal things during day time. my question is that. Will this neuro doc prescribe me pain meds on my first visit? since I'm a new patient for him...

    thank you
    77grace responded:
    Hi sookie1992 ,
    I am glad to see your post !This is really amazing because I have neurofibromatosis 1 also and have been in pain pain over 20 years !!
    Where is your pain and tumors ???
    I am sad to hear that you are hurting so young !!!
    As far as the nuerologist and pain meds it will depend on him and what he thinks !Are you on meds now ???
    I am and have been for severall years and I really Empathize with you !
    Hang in there3 and I hope to hear from you !
    sookie1992 replied to 77grace's response:
    Hello 77Grace!

    My pain is usually in the lower back all the way down to both of my foot.. as for tumor is everywhere in my body. I have surgery taking it before (tumor locate in the lower back) 2 years ago.. I think it maybe grow again and that's what it's causing me the pain... I am on meds (percocet). my prime doc prescribed me BUT he doesn't know what neurofibromatosis is.. So he thinks that I don't need those pain killers and should of just take Advil or Aleve instead. I told him that I DID try taking Advil and aleve but they don't work.. so long story short, he doesn't know what I'm dealing with. he is one of those Family Practice Doctor..

    I'm sure that if I go in the 3rd times for pain meds, my prime doc will not prescribe me anything and he would probably suggest me take aleve and excerise..

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can ask neuro doc to prescribe me pain meds? enough to at least know what's the next step.. (surgery, MRI, x-rays, CT-scan, etc.)

    Thank You!
    sookie1992 replied to catgod's response:
    lol if you have nothing nice to say then please leave.
    rosielou replied to An_254810's response:
    Sookie has a valid query.

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