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dfromspencer posted:
Hi Everyone,

I know, I know, it has been a long time since I have been here, but, I wanted something of substance to report before bothering anyone?! I hope all are well, or as well as can be??? I guess I am?

Ok, here goes; I have gone through with the Psychiatrist for my prep for a Pain Pump. He only gave me four sessions, because I already practice what they preach, so to speak?! C.B.T.. That's right, they only want you to know how to take your mind off, or away from your chronic pain?! Ok, I had an over the phone consult with my Pain Management Specialist, and he says he will get with some people, and start the next phase. He didn't tell me there was a next phase? I thought I went for surgery after the Psych. Dr.? Well, this is through the V.A., soooo??? Who knows what may be next?

Well, I think that covers that? Now on to just lil ole me. I have been about the same? Unbearable pain I have no choice but to bear! I really did hope that last fusion surgery would have helped some, but I don't feel any different?! I have like, one free vertebrate left in my poor neck! My back hurts worse. I suppose that will be next? I wonder how many surgeries will I go through just to keep suffering??? I don't know how some do it, but they seem to be happy, even tho they are living with chronic pain, also?

Ok, I don't want to turn this into a pity me party, so, I will sign off for now!!! I hope all of you fellow nerve pain sufferers find relief!!! And anyone with chronic pain, I hope you find some kind of relief, also!!!

Bye for now, please take care, everyone!!!

ctbeth responded:
Hi Dennis,

Nice to see you. I hear you.

I'm beginning Calmare therapy on Monday.

Better if you look it up than my trying to explain it.

I've been mostly horizontal for weeks.

MD increased my MSC a little, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

Where do you live?
dfromspencer replied to ctbeth's response:
Hi Beth,

Its good to see you again, also!!! I am so sorry to hear that! WEEKS??? As in weeks, or more like months??? I hate to say this, but I am glad I can still move about, and get around fairly well. The nasty burning pain is the only thing I want stopped, I can deal with the rest!!! I know you don't want anyone to feel sorry for you, but I can't help it! I wish there was some way I could help, but that isn't happening!

Calmare therapy??? I will of course, look that up!

Please take care!


P.S. I live in Iowa!!! Yep, the deep freezer! LOL!!!

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