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Arm pain
An_255237 posted:
I have a strange condition that seems to be worsening. Whenever I do anything where I have to exert any energy (or even when I'm sleeping), I get a pain in my throat area and a lot of arm pain. The pain feels like muscle aches and often runs down to my hands. Also, I feel like I have a severe case of heartburn at the same time. I've gone to the doctor and he thought it might be something with my heart (since I had a heart attack 10 years ago), but I went to the emergency room and they monitored me for 6 hours and confirmed that it was nothing to do with my heart. The put me on omeprazole for 10 days which seemed to help for a little while, but now its back in full force again. Any suggestions?
davedsel2 responded:
Have you seen your regular doctor about this condition? That would be the next logical step.
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sue12401 replied to davedsel2's response:
Thanks for your reply. My regular doctor is the one that sent me to the emergency room so they could monitor my heart. I think I'll have to make another appointment and see where that one leads.
An_255176 replied to sue12401's response:
Have had a work-up by a cardiologist?? How about by a gastorenlogist?? I have stomach issues that can mimic a heart attack. But it was through one of these "attacks" that I found out that my heart was not emptying fully. I would have both possibilities checked out.
77grace responded:
Hi ,
This kinda sounds like something I deal with !I will get a really strong sharp pain right under my breast bone tha t goes all the way through to my back ,it just about takes my breath away !My Dr. gave me Pepcid and it works ! But I think you should tell your Dr. Just hought I'd let you know ,I feel for you !
Peace 77grace

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