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    RE: Isn't it our right to have our Medical Records Correct?
    meaningfulc1952 posted:
    My neurologist is the best that I have ever had and that speaks volumes since I have had headaches since a teenager.

    The BIG TROUBLE started when I suggested that my daughter see my dr. for a second opinion and she had been in a auto accident. Things went pretty well but when she asked for her medical records for the
    car insurance company things changed very quickly.

    They gave her a copy of her med records and there were mistakes on them. Furthermore, their office staff has been very rude to her when she asked for them to correct the mistakes.

    I have had medical records from different hospitals over the years and I have also found mistakes. I never let it bother me though.

    Since this has occurred and a car insurance company is also involved, should it be normal to have the mistakes corrected?

    You can read my post that is on here order to get the entire
    picture of what has transpired.
    All advice is very much appreciated.

    If there is a dr. on Web MD that could give me some professional advice I would really appreciate that.


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    1. Do patients have the right to have their medical records correct?

    2. If so, should the doctor's office help in correcting the mistakes?
    3. If a car accident is involved shouldn't they be corrected?
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    blessedladyptl responded:
    Federal Law states you have the right to write a statement of disagreement and have it entered into your medical record, if the dr won't add the corrections to your medical records.

    Medical Records-Correcting Information-
    meaningfulc1952 replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    Dear blessedladyptl,

    Thank-you so much for sending me this link. I clicked on it first
    and it is very informative.

    I have sent that to my daughter now. She thanks you too.

    blessedladyptl replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    Both of you are welcome.
    annette030 responded:
    My doctor's office and every hospital and doctor's office since has given me WRITTEN information explaining the HIPAA rules, read what they give you.

    Take care, Annette
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi Meaningful,

    My injuries are result of an auto accident, so I am a bit aware of what your daughter is going through. The process can be long and involved if the insurance company,min any way, contests the action.

    In order to make this process less chaotic for your daughter, perhaps it's wise o hire a personal injury attorney. Most do not require a retainer to represent an injured client; they are paid from the award when the case is resolved.

    Matters such as you describe are then handled by her representation. Any issue or problem that arises is directly reported to the attorney, thus making all of these snags along the way less-troublesome for her.

    I good luck,

    Anon_27116 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Hi ctbeth,
    Thanks for your helpful information about this situation. I agree with you that she probably does need an attorney to get the entire car accident mess resolved and then she can let them
    help her.
    She has been driving herself crazy about all of this. I will be so
    glad when there is some type of end to all of this. She seems
    to think that she needs to call everyone instead of letting an
    attorney to help her.
    I think that she has finally decided to hire one now though.
    These types of things can cause way too much stress and anxiety. I would imagine if that is what you went through then you can relate to that.

    Thank-you for your advice.
    ctbeth replied to Anon_27116's response:
    I have only a minute right now.

    I do hope that your daughter will seek legal counsel.

    Do be aware that settling personal injury cases can take years.

    More later, gotta run!

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