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    hip,leg and foot pain while sitting
    rplunk posted:
    I have severe hip leg and foot pain while sitting. The foot pain is the big toe and the ball of the foot from big toe to second toe and between the same toes. Pain in the hip is above the buttocks and down the side of the thigh. I have had a mri of my lower back and it was normal. I have been doing physical therapy for 5 weeks. I am now on neurontin 600mg 3 times a day. I do have neuropathy but this pain is different. I am not in pain as long as I'm up standing or walking. I am afraid it might have been caused from an improper shot in my hip. Is this possible????
    I will get results tomorrow from nerve and muscle test that I just had done. I just need to get out of this pain!!
    The doctors say it is sciatic nerve pain but I have not been in an accident and nothing shows on the mri so I don't know what is causing the pain.
    I actually went to a foot dr. because of the pain and he said it was from my back. After a day of being on my feet I realised I wasn't in pain and when I rode in the car is when it hurt. So since sting isn't an option for the rest of my life I need some suggestions please.
    annette030 responded:
    I think if it were caused by an injection, it would hurt regardless of the position you were in, I am not positive though.

    All I can suggest is to write down your symptoms, when they happen, etc. and take these to your doctor's.

    Take care, Annette
    Peter Abaci, MD responded:

    The distribution of the pain that you are describing suggests possible irritation of the L4 nerve root in your lower back region. Many times, a problem like that can show up on the MRI, but because it didn't show up in your case doesn't mean this particular problem couldn't still exist. A nerve conduction test can sometimes pick up a problem like nerve root irritation from the lower back.

    Another situation to consider would be something called piriformis syndrome. There is a muscle in the buttock region known as the piriformis, and it happens to sit near the sciatic nerve and can sometimes cause similar symptoms to sciatica. The fact that you get most symptomatic when you are sitting could suggest that pressure on this muscle could be a possible source of the pain. This might be another condition to talk to your doctor about as well a potential back problem, which is far more common.
    annette030 responded:
    If you carry your wallet in your back pocket, put it in your front pocket for awhile. An ER doc I worked with once had a patient do that and it cured him. Thank goodness for small towns, and running into patients at the grocery store.

    If it doesn't work, sorry.

    Take care, Annette
    rplunk replied to Peter Abaci, MD's response:
    Thank you Dr. Abaci, I have had the nerve conduction test done and it shows radiculopathy bilateral L4-5 and L5-S1. So I guess it isn't from a shot. I have done some research on line and thought it might be the piriformis syndrome also because of the shape of my foot and the way I walk. I am convinced that it is from one or all of many things wrong with my right side. I have a bad knee I have limped on for years an extremely high arch in my short foot and that same hip is slightly lower than the other. I'm doing pt and have an appointment with a neurologist on March 24th. He did my 2 neck surgeries. What treatment do you think he will offer? I'm nervous and don't want another surgery. I'm hoping a shot or something since I have tried all other options.
    rosielou replied to annette030's response:
    That same thing, moving his wallet, cured my husband's back pain. It was a few years ago and I'd forgotten, until seeing it here. Saved us a few $$$ !!

    rplunk replied to rosielou's response:
    I'm a female so that isn't a problem for me. Thanks
    Peter Abaci, MD replied to rplunk's response:
    Hi again,

    I think it would be valuable to talk with your doctor at your appointment about possible causes of how you developed the symptomatic radiculopathy and seeing what can be done to address some potential underlying causes. For example, your point about problems with your right knee and arch being a factor is something to look at. Alterations in body mechanics in one part of the body can certainly impact other parts over time. Perhaps further analysis of your situation could lead to options like a shoe lift, as an example.

    In some settings, treatments like epidural steroid injections or acupuncture could be considered to try to reduce nerve irritation.
    annette030 replied to rplunk's response:
    It was worth a try.

    Take care, Annette
    rplunk replied to Peter Abaci, MD's response:
    Thank you again. I am going to try acupuncture next. I can't stand this pain and a person has to sit at some point. I got an excellent message today and she helped with the pain and also suggested laying on a tennis ball to help loosen up the knots and work the muscles. So far it seems to be helping.

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