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Pregnancy after C-Section
An_256033 posted:
I am pregnant with my third child. With my first I had an emergency c-section (almost 11 years ago) and my second was a C-section too (3 years ago). I'm a little afraid with this pregnancy. I'm 22 weeks along and about three weeks ago I started experiencing lower back pain (which I thought was due to stress). It took four days for me to be able to walk upright normally. I had pain inside my upper legs too off and on which was different from my other two pregnancies where I could feel my hips expanding at different times. Today the back pain came back and I am concerned that since my last C-section was pretty recent, there may be complications? Mostly I am thinking a possible solution could be bedrest and would like to get some opinions and prepare myself and my family if I need to be on bedrest. I notice that the backpain and the way I am walking around is affecting my legs (where they have been hurting) and I guess I am jumping ahead and worried that the way the baby is positioned (against my scar for instance) and the fact that I am going to be getting bigger might cause problems. Also I am worried about why I am getting back and leg pain and would like some possible explanations or to know if other women in similar situations have experienced this. Thanks!
blessedladyptl responded:
You healed a long time ago from your last C-section. You need talk to your OB about the back pain you're having. Worrying about what it might be is not doing you or your unborn baby any good. The pain you're experiencing may well be just the baby growing. Each pregnancy is different. You Need To Talk To Your OB. I know you don't go to the dr often this early, but you can go any time you're have concerns or you can call and ask. If the dr thinks you need to come in early he will tell you.

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