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Broken wrist pain medication??
sfek617 posted:
I am traveling in Bali and broke my wrist last night. I was given pain and anti- inflammatory medications but am wondering what is the MOST effective pain mint medication. I was given codeine, but not sure it is the best option. I will be on a 26 hour flight tomorrow and want to ensure I have the most appropriate and effective pain pill. Thank you
Peter Abaci, MD responded:
I'm so sorry to hear that you had this accident on your trip. For managing acute pain from a fracture, a combination of anti-inflammatory medications along with opioids like codeine, as needed, seems like a good start. There are many different types of opioids and anti-inflammatory medications to choose from. In some cases, one person may respond better to one, while somebody else may do better with something different, and it can be difficult to predict ahead of time. If you have been injured before or have had surgery in the past, and can remember names of medications that worked well for you then, then it would be reasonable to bring this up with doctors that you are seeing.

A couple of things to keep in mind before getting on the plane is that codeine can cause nausea and constipation. If you find yourself feeling queezy on the plane, sometimes a little cola can settle things down. There are stronger opioid-based pain killers that can be used, but if the codeine is working, then hopefully you will a relatively good trip home.
annette030 responded:
Please, keep your arm elevated or no amount of ANY pain meds will help you. Just hanging your arm over your head will do, it will look strange but it will work. Keep the break higher than the level of your heart. Ask the flight attendant for some ice in a plastic bag to put on the wrist, it is fine to put it over the plaster splint or whatever kind of splint is used in Bali. This will be even funnier looking than hanging your arm over your head. So what! It WILL make it feel better.

Take care, Annette
nadia34 replied to Peter Abaci, MD's response:
how do i find someone to help with my severe chronic cervix pain is is so bad that intercourse wioth the husband is a no go becuase it is to painful
Peter Abaci, MD replied to nadia34's response:
Hi Nadia,

The first step is to probably discuss this problem with your gynecologist to try to learn more about why you may be having this problem as there can be many different potential causes. Research has shown that this problem is most prevalent in younger women, and that women who struggle with pain after intercourse often don't discuss this with their physician. Work with your doctor to identify potential causes and then develop a treatment plan that makes the most sense.

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