Dystonia / Writers Cramp / Trigger point
ramonalbertov posted:
Hi, i recentrly bought an TENS/MIC device for therapy, i have a "writers cramp" and i want to know if you can recommend me some configurations to use with my pain. Aditionally, i have a "trigger point" between the thumb and index. So if you can help me in how to use more efficiently my therapy device i apreciate it. Thanks.
polaferriere responded:
Hello, TENS units use electrical currents in pulses to electrocute muscles and nerves over and over again until they are exhausted and unresponsive. This can cause nerves to have a reaction which blocks the transmission of pain signals. This process can aggravate an injury when what it really needs is rest. Our BFST product uses a soothing, low current electro-magnetic energy which stimulates blood flow without causing aggravation for upwards of 4 hours after a quick 20 minute session, they are not designed to mask or block the transmission of pain but to heal the underlying injury in a safe and comfortable manner. These will help with trigger finger. http://www.kingbrand.com/BFST-Home.php?REF=36PV16 http://www.kingbrand.com/Wrist-Home.php?REF=36PV136
An_257010 replied to polaferriere's response:
I do not know if you are aware of the history of TENS, but Doctors have been pushing them since 1971. I was injured in that year and they were trying there best to have me agree to the procedure, but I noticed that everyone in our hospital clinic who did have it was far worse with no signs of success. They held over our heads that they would NOT prescribe pain meds unless we agreed to the TENS. That early on (the 1970's) we were just "test" subjects for Doctors at a Major medical College. It was never successful. Now 40 years later they are still pushing their voodoo medicine. You can get the exact same results by putting a 9volt battery to your tongue. . . and it's a lot cheaper. Any Doctor who claims a very high success rate by this process. . . RUN AWAY FROM THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN!