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Need non-narcotic pain management for COPD patient
dontknowwhatscreennametouse posted:
Hi, my brother was just told he can't keep taking the pain meds he was been taking for a long time because his COPD is so bad and it will depress his breathing and he will go to sleep and not wake up. He wants to live, but he is in PAIN, relentless pain. Can anyone suggest something he could use to reduce pain that would not impact his ability to breathe?

Thank you.
blessedladyptl responded:
He may want to get a second opinion, especially is the dr that told him this is not a Pain Management Dr.
dontknowwhatscreennametouse replied to blessedladyptl's response:
He was told that by 2 doctors, one internist and one pulmonary doctor, who monitored him for 2 weeks in the hospital trying different things. In the end they gave him Tylenol and ibuprofen, lidocaine patches and with Tramadol twice a day. They didn't send him home with the Tramadol though.
77grace responded:
Hi ,
I am sorry to hear the problem your brother is having !That sounds very frustrating !I have chronic pain also and can't imagine it with ni meds !
There are thing like a Tens unit (look it up on the web and it explain )I also use a pain rub (Solon paz )Is very good !The patchs you mentioned are also very good and if Tramadol helps and is safe try that !
I wish I had more advice !
Take care 77grace
dontknowwhatscreennametouse replied to 77grace's response:
Thank you for your compassionate reply. I just heard from a nurse yesterday that there are antidepressants that have pain relief as a side effect. I am going to research those, because as you can imagine depression is a huge issue with unrelieved chronic pain.
justkarent responded:

I have severe COPD and RA and Osteoarthritis. For my pain management I use Lyrica or Gabapentin and Zanaflex. On really bad days I will use Advil. How does your brother sleep? I tend to have major flares of pain and depression due to lack of sleep. I have been using Lunesta and feel much better.
dontknowwhatscreennametouse replied to justkarent's response:
Thank you for that info. We are going to see the doc today and I will mention those things to her. It is so helpful to here what has worked for you. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better , too.
77grace replied to dontknowwhatscreennametouse's response:
Hi again ,
That sounds good !I have heard of antidepressants that help pain !Cymbalta is one !(SP) There are a few that are really good ! Berst of luck to him !
Lovingly 77grace
dontknowwhatscreennametouse replied to 77grace's response:
Yes! We started generic Cymbalta a few days ago and it IS WORKING! I am so grateful. He didn't ask for a pain pill until 9PM last night. He seems so much more relaxed and happy and he is sleeping thru the night. He was screaming in pain when he was on Norco. Now he seems so much better. It has been about 3 - 4 weeks since he has been off narcotics. I actually think he was in way more pain on them than off them. Maybe the pain of withdrawal between doses every 3-4 hours? I don't know. I just know that he is much calmer, happier, relaxed and has many fewer expressions of pain.

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