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chronic chest pain
An_257018 posted:
My 21 year old daughter has a pain in her chest that has been there for the past 4 1/2 years. She had a thoracic MRI, cervical MRI, CT scan, full Body bone scan, xrays and a ultra sound of her heart. She has been tested for auto immune disease by a rheumatologist, tested by a nuerologist and an orthopedist surgeon. She has had 3 injections in her chest for pain and 2 injections and a nerve block in her back. She has gone to physical therapy and a psychiatrist. She has been on various pain medications as well as morphine and other narcotics. The doctor has used pain patches and gels on her. Nothing has worked. Costochondritus has been ruled out. I don't know where else to turn to get her help. The pain causes pressure in her chest as well as shooting pains. She says it takes her breath away sometimes and makes her very tired. Her pain started all of a sudden 4 1/2 yeras ago. The pain would come and then go away for several months and then come back. Over the years it has become stronger and now doesn't go away. The pain is centered in a small, very specific area about inch wide. Her chest is painful to touch as well as shooting pain and pressure. I just need to know where to take her to get help. She is too young to have pain all the time.

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An_246419 responded:
I am sorry to hear of your daughters condition. If you have sought help in the US and not found proper answers, perhaps you need to investigate sources in other countries? I have read of conditions that were untreatable here, but in Europe or other countries they had solutions.
annette030 responded:
Start over again. I am sure this is not the answer you wish to hear. Many medical conditions take quite a long time to "declare" themselves, or to be diagnosed. Your daughter should pick the doctor she is most comfortable with, and tell him/her any new symptoms, as well as the fact that the pain is now constant. A journal is very helpful for difficult situations like this.

Take care, Annette
annette030 replied to annette030's response:
PS - She should not meanwhile be taking anything that is not helpful.
smashley217 replied to annette030's response:
Chest pain could be caused by several different things. But if she is having chest pain take her to the emergency room ASAP!
An_255018 replied to smashley217's response:
A hospital emergency room would be an inappropriate treatment venue for chronic chest pain like this that has been persistent for 4 1/2 years. It is obviously not an urgent situation which is what emergency rooms are for. As has been properly suggested. the patient should continue to pursue this with a trusted doctor.
annette030 replied to smashley217's response:
Any new or different chest pain, and I would agree with you, but for the same, old chest pain that she has had for over four years I would see her primary care person.

Take care, Annette
mike201 responded:
I have had chest pain for about two years. Typically it would start in the jaw, work down the neck and then spread across my chest. It was so painful that I would stop in my tracks or have to sit still. It would last between 30 sec and ten minutes. I was rushed to hospital many times for heart attack only all tests including an angeogram proved negative. I treat myself now with Endone which works well. I also have severe rheumatoid arthritis and my rheumatologist has finally agrees that the pain is caused by RA, although this can't be proved medically. After being on a biologic for twelve months now, my chest pain is more frequent but much less painful.....just a tightness really. Hope this helps you.
richfirstchoice responded:
I am sorry for your daughters pain....possibly it could be a benign tumor that is slowly growing, it would show up in an Oncologist p.e.t. scan w/ contrast......God Bless

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