hemorrhoids surgery
faery1987 posted:
I have suffered with hemorrhoids for years but in the last month they have been extremely painful. Steroid cream didn't work and the pain killers won't relive me of my pain. They are bleeding constantly too. Therefore I am having surgery in a few weeks. I'm not sure yet what they are going to do exactly. Has anyone had any type if surgery on their hemmorhoids?! Does it help?! What is the pain like after? How long Does it take to recover. I have heard so many horror stories but I can't put up with the pain anymore.
annette030 responded:
It is your surgeon's job to explain to you precisely what he is planning to do, ask him what pain to expect, the recovery time, etc.

Best of luck to you. I have not had this surgery, so I am not much help to you.

Take care, Annette
An_257209 responded:
Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. I had hemorrhoid surgery three years ago and although it was painful, it was definately worth it. The worst part of the recovery process is the first bowel movement. Once you get through that, you it's sooth sailing. I was 40 years-old when I had the surgery and had fully recovered within 6 weeks. I was back to work within a couple of weeks post-surgery. Don't let the horror stories scare you. I to read and heard similair stories and although it's not fun may any means, it's not as excuriating as some people say. Good luck to you!