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    patient abandonment????
    abandonedpatient13 posted:
    Looking for answers..coming up empty and angry. Ive been with pain management for a little over 4 years now. My first doctor recent doctor just discharged me for NO REASON. I went in for my monthly visit and the office manager rudely told me Ive been discharged. When I asked why, all she said was "its a general discharge, I dont need to give you a reason." I asked to talk to doc she said no. I asked what about my meds she said you going to have to find another doctor. I asked for a copy of my file she said no. I asked her how can you just discharge a person taking meds that you cant just stop taking, she couldnt give me an answer. And she did all this in front of a waiting room full of people. Im freaking out..why and how can they do this????
    blessedladyptl responded:
    No dr has to continue to see a patient. Although you should be sent a letter or given some reason. As far as the meds go, that is up to the discretion of the dr. The only thing that you do have a right to is your medical records, and that is Federal Law. If I were you, I would go into the office or call and ask for the person who is in charge of medical records. Tell them you want a copy of your medical records in the entirety and you need to fill out any forms that are required. When you fill out the forms be sure and read the release form and be sure you write in that the medical records are to include any and all medical records including test results, any and all medical records that dr x used in treating you from other providers as well as any correspondence regarding your care. You will have to pay for the cost of copies as well as postage if they mail them. The only time that you're not entitled to your medical records is if the dr is a mental health dr. Although some mental health drs do release medical records to patients, it is at their discretion.

    Do you have a pain contract ? If you do, is it possible that you broke the contract in any way ? Have you checked to see if your dr may be under investigation by your state medical board ? Be sure and keep a records of every contact you have with the office. Including the date, time, name of the people you speak with and a synopsis of the conversation. If you have contact by mail, make a copy of everything you send them and send it certified return receipt. If you are dealing with one specific person, you may want to sent it Restricted Delivery. If you email, be sure and use a return receipt feature and mark it for being notified when the email is first opened as well as each time after that.

    Your Medical Record-
    ctbeth replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    Hi Blessed,

    Absolutely spot on reply.

    I do hope that abandoned will return and let us know how she/ he is doing.

    I have a suspicion that she'll be getting a letter from the doctor soon, giving some explanation.

    Usually, there is some reason, but the patient should be notified, even if there has Ben some wrongdoing.

    Thanks for posting the link. Since we get a few of these sort of discussions now and again, having the link handy will only be beneficial.

    Perhaps you could post the link as a Resource, thus making it easier to find once this thread is retired (not readily visible)

    I don't come around much anymore, and it's nice to see you.

    peskypain replied to ctecza2014's response:
    Obvious SPAM selling a product! I advise everyone to NOT call or email this person!

    Anyone that promises "pain free" is always looking to make a quick buck.....Someone who truly was with a non-profit organization would have an email that goes to the .org and not a yahoo well as they would NOT be trying to plug some product..

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