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lower abdominal pain
fawwaza posted:
I done my upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy , eveything came back normal and the Gastro Doc indicated there is nothing wrong with my digestive system.
so in total ultra sound of abdominal / pelivic / CT scan of those areas and now endo and colonoscopy, blood work all turned out normal
i do have anxietry , but does that cause abdominal pain that is constant 24/7 . do you think i have IBS , the pain never leaves and i think people with IBS have some relief in between bouts
An_256614 responded:
your thinking can mess your belly up big time try some tai chi yoga or other form of mediation. Praying for others helps me
ctbeth responded:
There is not really any way that we, participants of an internet pain management support community, can tell you if you have IBS.

Since all of your diagnostic tests are within normal limits, well, that is a good thing, since the worst illnesses are ruled out.

What does your GI doctor suggest?

Many in the scientific community it's consider IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) a psycho- somatic incident.

The term psych- somatic merely means a "mind- body" causation.

If you're being treated with anti- anxiety meds, do your symptoms reduce after taking this med?

Since the GI performed the appropriate diagnostic tests and has rules out the really awful stuff, it would seem that your primary care MD may be the best shot for now.

If he or she cannot locate the cause for your distress, perhaps you can be prescribed something to ease the discomfort.

If you're female, perhaps a GYN visit would be in order, just if to rule out gynecological cause for your problem.

I hope that you find the relief you seek.

Please let us know how you're doing.

19lindy responded:
Fawwaza, I agree with the others you need to talk to your doctor about this immediately. I do not know what you have, but I did have a similar experience after a pain mgt. doctor tried me on some type of morphine pills that were time released. Each time I tried one I had sever pain in the abdominal area up the right side and under my rib cage. It was worst than the pain I was trying to control with these pills. After talking with my doctor I found out that since I had my gallbladder removed a few years before trying this medicine, that that could be the cause of my pain. The doctor said the gallbladder puts out some kind of enzyme that helps metabolize the pain medicine and since I had no gallbladder I had a problem. He gave me something to take with the pills and it helped, but I still stopped the morphine pills.

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