Seeing Pain Specilaist and Scares about it.
An_257545 posted:
Hello everyone, I am new here and hope I have come to the right place.
I suffer from chronic back and should pain, it has gotten to the point to where I have lost the ability for fully move some of my fingers due to pain and numbness, I have a primary doctor I have seen for over 2 years and we have address this issue and things have gotten progressively worse over the last for years and my doctor had made in treatment changes.

I have got an appointment with a Pain Management Group for a consultation and I am scared to death, I am not a fan of doctors and i suffer from PTSD and scared of needles. I bring that up because I have heard some treatment consist of cordizone shots.

Finally m question is, what can I expect from the visit? I have been reading all day about how I go about describing my pain, I have read not to tell to much detail because they will consider you whiny and a drug seeker, and I have read only answer questions they ask what they want to know.

I have started keeping a pain journal that i was advised would help, I really do not know what to do, as you can see due to my PTSD I have trouble coming to a point, I just want to know what I can do to be taken seriously.

I will be glad to respond to any questions that may help answer my concerns.
An_256614 responded:
welcome to my nightmare........................... yet another ventured into the depths of pain & despair that is known as pain management
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I assume you been through this then can you expand on what happened, my appointment is in a week and I am s till on the fence about it. Anyone else car to respond, I would like to talk with someone please.

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Dear anon,

Please don't be afraid.

This doctor's job is to help.

It's still early for me to be doing anything constructive.

I'll return later, when I'm functioning a bit more.
lynn1963 responded:
I found being straight and direct with the Dr. tell him you have a fear of needles, I have seen them work and I have seen them not work. I myself was asked and I refused I hate needles too .. i am lynn and the 1st 1/2 of this story is here and judt finished the main issue one dr tells me rip up marijuana card and i keep my meds and then the next Dr will say the opposite ...her had me filled it out his pain questionnaire which took 3 weeks and he refused to take it as he had already made up his mind not to give me anything said I wasted my time after he insisted i do it... he'd see about meds after i turned it in went as far as saying that lied to be for weeks sending me to head shrink and gave a paid buddy to hung out with and i can rant and rave to her and she takes me placed i hate her too ..Good luck
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Many of us with chronic unrelenting pain find that marijuana is by far the most efficacious treatment. It causes no bodily harm. It's not addictive and it involved no dangerous chemicals, injections or surgery.
ctbeth responded:
Hi again,

I apologize as I had meant to get back to you, but have been I characteristically busy.

Pain management is, as you know, a specialty practice. Pain management MDs do not diagnose your problem that is causing your pain; they work with your PC and existing diagnoses and treat pain.

Please don't be afraid. This is a positive step in treating your pain.

The goal is to reduce your pain to a manageable level, to achieve comfort to participate in more life that has been restricted due to pain.

Usually, the first appointment will involve a lot of questions and answers designed for the MD to get a baseline of where your pain is located, the intensive at its worst and best. What has helped and what you've tried that has not helped.

The physical exam is limited to the area or system that is painful.

Regarding pain medicines: the goal is to find the lowest dose that is effective for you.

Therefore, most MDs start off with a lower- than- therapeutic dose. It's easy to increase dosing if it's not high enough. It's not so easy to reduce dose, especially since excessive amounts of opiate I the system can cause dire consequences.

I'm telling you this so you won't lose faith if you are prescribed a med and it doesn't take away as much pain as you'd like. I'd recommend asking the MD or RN/ PA if you can call after a few days to report how the med is working.

I'm addition to opiate analgesia, some other medicines that are useful for chronic pain include SSRI antidepressants, anti- spasm meds, anti- inflammatories, and other classes of meds based upon your pain pathology.

Your keeping a pain journal is a good thing. Please bring this with you to your appt.

Okay, now we must discuss the injectables.

With many disc and other soft tissue pain syndromes, inflammation is a huge problem. Injectable steroids can be very helpful in reducing the cause of the pain.

Some people get months of relief, some get permanent relief, others get days of relief, and yet others get no benefit at all.

Epidural steroid injections for disc syndromes have reduced the incidence of surgery for thousands each year.

No one likes needles. Trust me, surgery is much more distasteful than steroid injections, so if there is any chance that you could get pain relief with this treatment, please consider moving forward with this relatively- non- invasive treatment.

Some PM MDs will use anesthesia, or conscious sedation for patients who just cannot tolerate this sort of injection.

The more information you can give your MD, the better care you'll get.

I'd you have more questions, or if I can help you in any way, do ask here, or, if you'd like to talk in private, click on my name or little picture.

You'll see it take you to "My Story". At the bottom of my story, you'll see my email address.

Feel free to write to me, however, please alert me that you'll be sending email, as my SPAM filter is high security and in- recognized email addresses go directly into my JUNK file.

If I know that I'm expecting email from you, I'll check my JUNK file daily.

Try not to worry.

Some people like to have "second set of ears"- ie a friend, come along for support or to be sure that you don't forget things.

Personally, I've never wanted this, but many find this a good thing.

Good luck, best wishes, and do let us know how it goes.

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@ctbeth , thanks for your reply, I took you up on your offer to email if that's still ok, I put the title of my post as the subject line so you would know who it was, hope it goes through to you.

Thanks so much.
chochise63 replied to simpleme1's response:
I feel they are legalized drug pushers. My son is in rehab now to get off of morphine. Not good, it has ruined his life and his body.
blessedladyptl replied to chochise63's response:
If someone abuses drugs, it is their choice. No one held a gun to their head and forced them to take the drugs. If someone is suffering from chronic severe pain, that is not their choice. A persons life can be runied by not having chronic severe pain treated or adequately treated.
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I am sorry for what you and your family are going thru. I don't know your daughter's situation- if she was dealing growing up or if she was dx with a debilitating, painful disease. I know this has not been easy for my parents & family to deal with either. From their point of view their child is in pain & they want to make to hurt stop and meds are usually the most common way to help. Addictive & non alike. But they also don't know or understand the daily, minute by minute, pain I go thru, or the fake smiles I save energy everyday to give them to try to make them feel better. Meds have been the primary reason I am still able to not give up and end my own pain, that includes anti- depressants. I don't mean to over share but I just want you to understand that meds can also be helpful.
blessedladyptl replied to cweinbl's response:
cweinbl, Marijuana can be addicting, just like pain meds and alcohol.
itinamu responded:
I don't know if you've gone to your apt or not but you might want to pay attention to how the dr is talking, listening, responding and their expressions. I am a very honest(blunt) person and some dr already think before going in for pain all I want are drugs. When I go to see a dr, especially for the 1st time, I try to know what I want- whether trying to get off a med, need something that works differently, or am looking for some other type of tx besides meds. Unfortunately, sometimes when you're honest they think you're lieing or gee, what isn't she telling me. It takes a while for trust to build on both sides. I can only suggest that if the dr wants to treat you in a way you're not sure about is to ask WHY? I bet you have done alot of research into your options, so go in knowing just b/c the have MD in their name they know YOUR body better than you do. Good luck.


p.s. Oh, it might help if you are changing drs or going to a new one you have a list of meds, classes, and procedures you've gone thru. Nothing sucks more than taking a pill for the 2nd or 3rx time b/c the new dr wants to see how it works.
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Hello, I thought I would update this for those that may have been interested. I did go to my first appointment with the clinic on on 6/17/14. I was there for over 2 hours for the intake doing the intake, urine test, etc. I did see a doctor that day and he took the time to talk to me and go over my testing from my previous doctor from 2 years prior. They scheduled me to do a updated MRI and sent me home with medications and a follow up appt. to review my MRI and to start a treatment plan based on what the test read.

I had my MRI on 7/1/14 and my follow appointment was yesterday, again the doctor spent a long time with my wife and I answering all our questions and explaining the results of the MRI. The outcome is I am going to have to have surgery on my neck and shoulder first with physical therapy after that surgery, when i am healed from that they are going to start dealing with issues in my lower back and talk about surgery for the possibly as well.

I am waiting on a call to set up a date with the surgeon for a consultation and a surgery date. And I have a follow up appt with the clinic again in a month.

I appreciate those who took the time to respond to my post originally, as of now it seem this doctor truly want to help me.