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Chronic pain from years of endometriosis
bonnie58 posted:
I have a spinal cord stimulator & am worried for 2 reasons. 10It has been suggested 1st that it is contraindicated if you get cancer; tho now an electrician just stated it can cause cancer . 20 How bad is it that you can't get an MRI..example..if you want to diagnose a problem & it may be cancer; without the MRI, how good is a cat scan. It seems I am damned if I do & damned if I don't. Can you answer these fears?
ctbeth responded:
Hi Bonnie,

There have been numerous studies about the safety of spinal cord stimulation.

"It has been suggested" is a lot different than "scientific studies have proven"

An electrician told you that you could get cancer from a SCS? I don't think an electrician should be making medical statements to you.

Ask your surgeon and, even better search for academic papers regarding spinal cord stimulation. I'm NOT talking a out reading peoples opinions, but actual academic papers

CAT scans with contrast are a fine diagnostic tool.

If you have cancer, there isn't any reason to have your SCS removed.

Really, where did all of this anxiety come from?

Were you not allowed to ask questions before implantation?

I suggest you ask your MD all of the questions that you have, read up factual scientific research , and pay less attention to things like, "it has been suggested" ( by whom, btw) and what an electrician says (regarding medical procedure)

Most of all, of SCS helps your pain become manageable, enjoy the pain relief
77grace responded:
Hi bonnie58 ,
Well ,first of all I think you are worried about something that may never happen !I know for me it's very helpful to live in today and not yesterday or tomorrow !
I know for me I chose not to get it and also my Dr. agreed because I have tumors on my spine and they do grow slowly !
(Thank God ) And I would not have been able to get an MRI and I need to every few years !
Try not to let other people who are not really informed get to you !
I agree,Enjoy the Pain relief .and tlak to your Dr. about your other concern!
Take care ,77grace

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